Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019: A Gift for Every Mum

a gift for every mum

In case you don’t know, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Don’t worry if you’d forgotten, it’s on Sunday 31st March, so there’s still plenty of time to get your mum something special.

Your mum is one of the most important people in your life, so you want to get her something amazing, right? And we don’t mean the classic fallbacks of chocolates and a picture frame.

She deserves something as unique as she is, because no two mums are the same. With that in mind, we’ve put together a great gift guide to help you find something original which matches your mum’s fab personality.

Have a scroll through our gift guide and let us know in the comments what kind of mum you have and what pressie you’d get her from our list. Our favourite comment will win their chosen gift to help make their mum’s day! Find out more about how to win a special treat for your mum at the end of the blog. 

There are endless wonderful mums out there, so we’ve created unique gift guides so you can spoil your mum this Mother’s Day no matter what her ‘thing’ is.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Which mum is your number one?

There are a thousand things that make your mum her. Maybe it’s that she always knows how to make you feel better when you’re feeling under the weather, how invested she gets while watching Bake Off, or the uncanny way she gives you a ring right as you’re going out. Which mum do you have?

The Classic Mum

mum holding cookies graphicWe all love a classic. The classic mum gives you that warm, cosy feeling whenever you come home. She makes a fuss, pinches your cheeks, cooks up your favourite meal and tells you off for putting your shoes on the furniture.

The kettle’s always on, the cupboards always stocked with her homemade cakes and the doors always open for the endless stream of friends and family who pop in for a cuppa.

Most evenings you’ll find her relaxing in front of the telly, playing a bit of Candy Crush (she’s on level 435) or sharing old photos on Facebook. She’s generous, loving, embarrassingly affectionate and, infuriatingly, is always right.

Why not pamper her with some luxurious ESPA skincare, to help her create her own little relaxing refuge, complete with some soothing scented candles from Candles Direct at 20% off. Get her a gorgeous bath caddy from Not On The Highstreet with free personalisation to show it’s been made just for her, or help her look after her guests with some of her favourite tea from Whittard of Chelsea. Treat her to something special and help to look after her for a change.

The Party Mumwoman holding wine graphic

Or have you got a party mum? You know the type – she’s always up for a boogie, loves going out with the girls, gets her clothes from the same shops as you and knows all the music in the top 10. You always have a great time when you see her, and always end up getting a tad tiddly when you sit down for a good catch up.

She’s the life of the party – in fact she’s come along to most of your parties, and all your friends love her. The best thing about her is that she’s always gone her own way, and always stands out from the crowd.

The party mum needs something as cool and trendy as she is – there’s no way you can imagine buying her anything too traditional. How about something stylish from Accessorize? Or get the party started with some goodies from Beer Hawk.

Bag a bargain with a new pair of killer boots from Shoeaholics for her next night out, or help her achieve her signature, bold makeup look with some goodies from Lookfantastic with 20% the whole Mother’s Day range. Celebrate your too-cool-for-school mum with a gift as fabulous as she is.

The Yummy MummyStylish woman carrying yoga mat graphic

We all know a yummy mummy. She’s always perfectly put together in chic, classy fashion, on her way to yoga or pilates with a chai latte in hand.

Her daily routine includes luxury moisturiser, like the Repose Aromatherapy Night Cream from Temple Spa, a spritz of her signature perfume from The Perfume Shop and a healthy, organic breakfast.

She’s elegant and has exquisite taste, so for Mother’s Day, she’s bound to love a stunning Pandora bracelet from John Greed with a fantastic 10% off, a luxury cashmere scarf from Edinburgh Woollen Mill, or some stylish, contemporary homeware from John Lewis. Whether she’s a new mum or has kids who are all grown up, she deserves the best.



The Boho Mumboho hippy woman graphic

Or perhaps you’ve got a bit of a boho mum? A creative free spirit, the boho mum is a little quirky, eccentric and full of surprises.

She always has a new passion – maybe this month it’s pottery, knitting or painting – so it’s worth helping her stock up on arts and crafts goodies from Hobbycraft with 15% off your first order.

She loves colourful fashion with a bit of a hippy edge, like the styles you’ll find with 20% off at Monsoon, or the ethically sustainable jewellery from People Tree.

Her vibrant fashion sense and creativity even extends to her go-to makeup look, which is as bold and bright as her art, so how about some bold reds from Illamsqua at 20% off?

True to her hippy beliefs, she’s a vegetarian (or tries to be), donates to multiple charities and has strong opinions on just about everything. If she’s not busy creating something, she’s getting stuck into a good book, visiting a gallery or watching a documentary about whales. She’s a little bit mad, but you love your wonderfully unique boho mum.

The Outdoor Mum

woman with backpack on graphicWhat about the adventurous mums who love being outdoors? The outdoor mum is an early riser and has already walked three miles, rain or shine, by the time you drag yourself out of bed.

The dog is her constant companion – it’s the only one who can keep up with her, whether she’s out for a brisk hike or getting stuck into the gardening. She’s even started growing her own veg, and she leaves out food for the hedgehogs.

Treat her to something which combines her style with her active lifestyle. How about a gorgeous new bird feeder from Thompson and Morgan to bring more wildlife into her garden, or maybe some of gorgeous dragonfly wellies from Joules to keep her looking cute even when she’s elbow-deep in the flowerbeds.

Help her start her day right with boiled eggs the Emma Bridgewater hen egg cups at 15% off. Or how about a gift for her other child, the dog? She’ll love the stylish, country-inspired dog bed from Sophie Allport at 10% off for the family dog (which you all know is really her dog.) There’s plenty of thoughtful, unique and practical gifts to choose from for the mum who loves the outdoors.

Win the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mum

Do any of our mammas sound familiar? Let us know in the comments what kind of mum you have and what you’d buy her from our gift guide. Our favourite comment will win their chosen gift, just in time for Mother’s Day! Either comment below or on our Facebook post to enter. Competition closes on Monday 25th March at 23:59, so get your entries in now!

Browse Savoo’s other top Mother’s Day deals to find the perfect gift for every mum. Plus, for every purchase made with one of Savoo’s great deals we’re giving double donations to Women’s Aid to support women in need across the UK. Find out more about how you can give to charity while buying the stuff you love, all without spending an extra penny.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mums out there from Savoo!

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  1. Davina Mellon

    5 years ago

    My mum is an outdoors mum and she would absolutely love the Joules dragonfly wellies!!

  2. Alison Latham

    5 years ago

    Something from Hobbycraft would be perfect for a boho mum!

  3. Caroline McCabe

    5 years ago

    The outdoor Mum – she would love the Sophie Allport Dog bed for her dog Leo

  4. Tressa Lapham-green

    5 years ago

    Definitely a Boho mum with her new age vibes, I’d choose the gorgeous People Tree necklace for her.

  5. Stacey Leigh

    5 years ago

    My mum is an outdoors mum she’s either gardening or walking the dogs she’d love the joules wellies

  6. Peter Watson

    5 years ago

    My mum was at one time the original Party Mum.

  7. Hannah Elizabeth

    5 years ago

    My mum is a Classic Mum- she’s amazing! I found out last month that I have breast cancer aged 25, and my mum has always been my rock but even more so now. She is giving up one of her jobs to be there for me, she has attended every appointment with me, she is truly one of a kind. She gets up in the night to talk with me when I’m down, and her love to me is unconditional. I love her so much and she deserves the world and more. I hope she wins for this reason.

  8. Paul Gavin Battersby

    5 years ago

    Perfect Classic Mum, works so hard and her little darlings happiness comes first always, perfect little Mummy with the kindest dedicated heart, very proud of you

  9. Viv Gilbey

    5 years ago

    My lovely Mum is a classic Mum,
    She’d love the Royal mint album,
    She always keeps special coins to hide away,
    Says she’ll pass them onto her granddaughter one day.
    When I sit down with Mum with a cuppa and a good old natter,
    it seems as if all my worries and troubles no longer matter.
    She’s wise, loving, full of advice, cool and hip,
    She’s even taught her granddaughter how to skip!
    Whatever happens I know Mum will always be there,
    so this Mother’s Day I’ll be showing her how much I care!

  10. Suzanne Armour

    5 years ago

    My mum is the classic mum fussing over everyone she would love flowers

  11. Ash R

    5 years ago

    My mums a classic that’s for sure,
    Always makes me feel secure,
    She bakes up some yummy treats
    She’s forever changing bed sheets!
    She is kind hearted and so sweet,
    She rarely ever puts up her feet,
    The kettle is always hot,
    She sure does make tea a lot!
    She’s like a mummy with superpowers,
    And she would love some interflora flowers!

  12. David Jobson

    5 years ago

    My Mum is a classic Mum in many ways. She loves watching the birds in the garden and would love a bird table. c

  13. Lucy Thorne

    5 years ago

    My lovely mum is the outdoor type so I think she would really love and appreciate the bouquet of flowers

  14. Jayne K

    5 years ago

    Classic mum and she’d love the Royal Mint British Coins & Album

  15. Hannah Igoe

    5 years ago

    My mum is the outdoor mum so the bath caddy would be perfect so she can relax when she gets back after a day of adventures

  16. Gemma Oakley

    5 years ago

    My mum is defo the yummy mummy kind, at 56 she’s still got so much style and class! I think she would love the Pandora bangle as she loves her jewellery!

  17. Victoria Prince

    5 years ago

    I have a boho mum who would love the The Vegan Snack Attack Hamper!

  18. Sian Williams

    5 years ago

    My mum is a Classic Mum,
    Everything you’d want a mum to be,
    She does so much for others,
    And is so kind and funny!

    She deserves to be pampered,
    So the Bath Caddy would be a treat,
    She could have a luxurious bath on Mother’s Day,
    And finally put up her feet!

  19. Phoebe

    4 years ago

    My mom is a classic mom and she’d love the time being with her family. I’ll cook her a special meal as a sweet gift in stead of going out at this scary time so that my whole family will have a great moment together. Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

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