National Pet Month: Tails exclusive + FREE StreetVet donation

national pet month

This April is National Pet Month! 🐾 So, in honour of all our favourite furry friends we’ve teamed up with to offer you an exclusive discount on your first order with them!

Dogs all over the country love the taste of Tails. It’s delicious, nutritious and will make sure you’re beloved pooch has the best diet. Keep their coat glossy, their teeth shiny, and their tails wagging with delicious dinners you can get customised especially for them. 

Save 80% on your first box + 25% off your next two boxes and raise a £15 donation for StreetVet

Throughout April, unlock 80% on your first box PLUS an additional 25% off your next two boxes. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also raise a free £15 donation for StreetVet at no extra cost to you. 

Here’s how it works 👇

  1. Head to the discount codes page 
  2. Click on the 80% off your first discount code 
  3. Copy the code and get redirected to the site
  4. Find the best products for your beloved pooched
  5. Once you’ve picked your (and your dogs) favourite foods, redeem your exclusive discount code at checkout for an unmissable 80% saving

That’s it! Not only will you unlock this huge percentage saving on your first order but you’ll have also raised a free donation for StreetVet at no extra cost. Looking after your canine friend and their health is really important, so introduce nutritional food into their diet today! 

What is National Pet Month? 

National Pet Month celebrates and raises awareness and celebrates pet ownership! It’s an entire month dedicated to sharing the many benefits of our cherished pet companions. The #NationalPetMonth campaign runs from April to May each year but the important messages that NPM endorses run all year-round. They continue to develop informative and important content for both experienced and new pet owners alike.  

Why support StreetVet?

StreetVet provides support to the people and pets who need it most. 

Homelessness is a growing problem in the UK and an increasing number of homeless people have dogs. The bond between many homeless people and their dogs is profound and the health and wellbeing of their canine companions is often a major priority for their owners.

Life on the streets makes it difficult to access the vital vet care they need to be healthy. That’s why StreetVet aims to provide completely free veterinary treatment to any pets belonging to the homeless. They have a dedicated team of professional vets and veterinary nurses who are bringing essential care to homeless people and their dogs across the capital. 

How will my £15 donation help?

When you use our exclusive discount code a £15 donation will be made on your behalf to StreetVet. This donation will help to provide much-needed care to the homeless and their dogs across the UK. This includes buying medications; paying for life-saving operations; and equipping the StreetVet team with the kit they need.  

By supporting StreetVet your donations will fund an increase in their outreach reach so they can have more vets on the streets helping more people and dogs in need. 

How does the donation work? 

As soon as your order goes through, a £15 donation will go directly to StreetVet on your behalf. Find out more about how this works, and how you can raise free donations for thousands of charities every time you shop online. 


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