We visited the brand new Nordoff Robbins music therapy centre

Nordoff Robbins music therapy centre Savoo

Last week three of the Savoo team went to visit Nordoff Robbins’ brand new music therapy centre in North London. Nordoff Robbins is the largest independent music therapy charity in the UK, and is dedicated to changing the lives of people through music.

Last year alone, they provided 26,500 music therapy sessions to almost 7,000 people struggling with a range of challenges such as autism, dementia, mental health problems, stroke, brain injury, depression and cancer.

Music moves us all – whether we listen for comfort or motivation, it has the power to impact each and every one of us. But for some people, it does more than that. For those that feel vulnerable and isolated, music can act as a lifeline.

Nordoff Robbins logo

The new Nordoff Robbins music therapy centre

The music therapy centre was temporarily shut for refurbishment in November last year to meet the growing need for this kind of therapy. Nordoff Robbins’ central mission is to deliver life-changing music to as many people as possible, and the refurbishment of their flagship music therapy centre is only the beginning of their ambitious aims to grow their services and continue the high quality of their music therapy sessions up and down the country.

Six months and one beautiful music therapy centre later, Nordoff Robbins opened their doors to their brand new teaching and delivery space, which aims to offer the best experience for students, colleagues, and beneficiaries alike. We at Savoo were delighted to be invited to attend the official open day on 24th May.

Nordoff Robbins music therapy centre

Nordoff Robbins piano

Nordoff Robbins piano

Nordoff Robbins’ facilities

The centre is now home to, among other great facilities, multiple modern music rooms tailored perfectly to the needs of those who take part in music therapy sessions. The music rooms were fully soundproofed, and were filled with pianos, drums, xylophones, and other instruments.

As well as being given a tour of the new building, we learnt more about the fantastic work Nordoff Robbins do with people from a range of ages and backgrounds.

What is music therapy?

For some, it’s about connecting with past experiences and memories, for others it’s about growing in confidence and developing social interactions and expressing themselves creatively. Others simply use the music therapy centre as a safe place to socialise with others about their shared love of music.

We also took part in interactive sessions to get a feel for what music therapy is really all about. The first session saw us trying out different singing techniques and tricks in a group setting, and opened our eyes to the motivational and supportive nature of the Nordoff Robbins music therapists.

Then, we used drums, tambourines, and everything in between to create different sounds and beats, bringing them together to create an empowering piece of music. It was clear to see how the range of instruments is used to give people a voice and control of a situation through music-making.

Nordoff Robbins music therapy session

Nordoff Robbins Savoo drum

Nordoff Robbins music therapy centre
This music therapy centre not only opens new doors with fantastic facilities for those who use music therapy, but also marks the beginning of an exciting period of growth for Nordoff Robbins. This year, they are focusing their efforts on expanding in the North East, the West Midlands, Wales and London to reach more people than ever before.

This year on 13th September, they will also deliver their second ‘Get Loud for Nordoff Robbins’ campaign with the support of the music industry, partners and supporters. Last year saw over 20,000 people take part, and this year is set to be even bigger.

How can I support Nordoff Robbins?

You can support Nordoff Robbins when you shop and save through Savoo by signing up, browsing our charity directory and choosing Nordoff Robbins to support. Every time you shop through Savoo, we will donate to Nordoff Robbins on your behalf – it couldn’t be simpler.

Nordoff Robbins receives no government funding at all and relies solely on voluntary support, donations and fundraising to continue to provide its life-transforming services – so every penny really does count.

Click here to find out more about Nordoff Robbins and how you can support them through Savoo.

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