A Brits Guide to Enjoying the Rio 2016 Olympics

olympics 2016

Between 5th and 21st August 2016, the Olympic Games will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And unless you’re lucky enough to have tickets to see the Olympics live, you’ll probably – like us – be planning to tune in from somewhere in sunny GB.

But missing out on a trip to Rio doesn’t mean you can’t make a big deal of it with your mates and celebrate UK-style. Any excuse for a get together ay…

Make it work at work

After England’s soul shattering defeat in EURO 2016, we’ll bet you and your colleagues are looking for any excuse to get excited about Great Britain’s next opportunity to bag a medal.

Now with at least one Olympic event happening daily, we can appreciate that you’re not going to be employee of the month if you propose that you and your team head off to the pub every lunchtime to catch a spot of gymnastics or swimming.

However, what you could do is check out the 2016 Olympics schedule beforehand and prearrange a couple of lunch slots that allow you and the rest of your office a chance to catch one or two sports per week on a rota basis. Or better still, if you’re lucky enough to work for a pretty cool boss, perhaps they’ll let you stick the TV on during lunch hours anyway so that everyone can enjoy the sports together – perhaps even order in some lunch and spoil yourselves!

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Take the Olympics outside

If watching sports gives you itchy feet and makes you want to get involved, why not hold your own Olympics sports day in your local park or garden?

First off, gather a group of friends and head over to watch the Olympics on the big screen somewhere.


If you’re looking to go south of the river, we love Pop Fields in Brixton which has a huge outdoor screen and you can grab some top grub from street food vendors.

And then afterwards, why not head to nearby Clapham Common to play a few games of your own! If you want to invest in footballs, tennis rackets or badminton kits we know no greater retailer than our trusty Argos. You can get your sporty stuff delivered the next day and save on delivery when you pick up an Argos Discount Code at Savoo.


And for city folk we love Broadgate Exchange Square – conveniently located next to Broadgate Circle which offers a number of lunch options and post activity booze spots.

A short train or taxi ride away is the city’s oldest public park, Victoria Park, where you can kick back with a picnic or play a few games.

If you’re thinking of holding a BBQ outside to accompany your own Olympics sports event, check which London parks are BBQ friendly here.

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