Savoo Dog Spud Turns 1!

Fans of Savoo on Facebook will already be familiar with our resident dog Spud (who likes to hunt out the best discount codes for ‘Spud’s Corner’ every Friday!).

Yesterday Spud turned one year old, so to mark the occasion we threw him a birthday party at the Savoo HQ.

Here are some snaps of the birthday boy celebrating with his devoted fans.

The Party

The evening started well. Spud donned his best bow tie for the occasion.


We had already decorated the office with extra special doggy balloons.


Everyone put on their party hats.

We prepared some traditional party food.


When the first guests arrived, Spud started opening his presents.


Which included a squeaky seagull.

And a basketball shirt straight from LA.

A lot of love was given to the birthday boy.

But in the end, the excitement proved all too much, and a very sleepy pup had to go home with mum on the tube.

Spud would like to say thanks to everyone who attended, including our friends at Tradedoubler, LinkShare, Affiliate Window, Webgains, Omnicom, Affilinet, Fusion and Navigate Digital (other than Scott from Webgains, who fed Spud so much food last night that his farts have turned the office into an advert for Febreze!).


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  1. Scott O'Brien

    5 years ago

    How could I say no to that little gorgeous face!?

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