Savoo’s Top 20 Beauty Money-Saving Tips

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In case you haven’t heard, Savoo recently got the exciting chance to team up with Lookfantastic to give away a deluxe beauty advent calendar. Worth over £300, this fabulous prize was jam-packed with premium beauty products including branded tools, skincare and cosmetics. Who wouldn’t want to open up fantastic treats like these on the lead up to Christmas?

All we asked you all to do is comment your favourite beauty money saving tips. We loved your tips so much we’ve picked our favourites so everyone can benefit from the best money-saving tips when it comes to buying beauty products for less. With party season approaching, they couldn’t have come at a better time! Take a look at the top tips:


1. Gillian Turner‘s all about waste not, want not:

When you think any tube or bottle is empty, don’t believe it haha 😂 I always cut the bottom off tubes and use what would have gone in the bin, and remove lids off bottles to get the rest of the contents out! I get many days extra use out of products that most would throw away!


2. Rebecca Mark Morgan on multitasking:

There are lots of products that have multiple uses, so no need to buy two when you can buy one! Blush can be used as eye-shadow. But my favourite is Vaseline! Can be used as lip balm/gloss, soothing dry skin, make eyelashes look luscious with a mascara wand, smooth split ends, tame those brows, highlight cheekbones and try mixing with a bronzer to smooth over your legs for an amazing glow.

See…lots and lots of uses for just one product! It will save you so much money!


3. Amelia Avossa says:

Revive old makeup!! 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ Here are a few I do! It saves pennies! 😝

💚 When your mascara starts to dry out and go all clumpy, add a few drops of saline or contact lens solution to the tube, swirl it around, and it should be good as new!

💛 If you get to the end of a bottle of makeup, but you know there’s more product in there that you can’t get at, place it in a bottle of warm water to loosen it up and decant it into a smaller container. This works to loosen up dry mascara too!

💙 If the above doesn’t work you could try cutting bottles in half with some scissors and scooping the remnants out that way.

🖤 Broken eyeshadow? Mix it with some rubbing alcohol and press it back together again (you can also try this on pressed powders). Alternatively, you could mix it with some clear nail polish to create a new shade.

💄You can melt the ends of two broken lipstick pieces to stick them back together again, or completely melt it down and leave it to set in a lip balm container.


4. Gayle Snail Elvidge‘s party secret:

Always have a ‘makeover’ at a beauty counter before buying anything, ideally on a day when you’re going out in the evening so you look fab for your night out! Then see how it looks at the end of the night…if it still looks good, buy the products! That way you’re not paying for something rubbish you’ve never tried.


5. Sue Taylor stays ahead of the game:

Sign up for mailing lists and follow your favourite brands on social media websites. This way you can be first to see flash promotions or apply to ‘trial’ products. It’s a great way to keep up with new products. I recently received a whole new skincare system to trial and give feedback on which was lovely!


6. Theresa Marie Wakeley says subscribe to treats and save!:

Subscribe to a beauty box! Beauty box subscriptions like Lookfantastic offer amazing deals and send you beauty products every month for as little as £10 a month and they are normally worth up to £55 in beauty products! I’ve had so many amazing finds from it and found my faves.


7. Hayley Cooke lives by:

Coconut Oil! I saw a quote on Pinterest recently which said “a solution to all of life’s problems is coconut oil” and I couldn’t agree more. Coconut oil can be used in a multitude of ways such as a makeup remover, moisturiser, hair mask and for consuming. I love it because it’s a natural substance and a little goes a long way. I’d would highly recommend investing in a tub of coconut oil. I paid £2.50 at Sainsbury’s for a 500ml jar which lasts me about 2 months.😁😁


8. Jessica Carmen Mcpherson’s top tip:

When your favourite mascara runs out, put it in a cup of hot/warm water for 1/2 minutes then check it, all the mascara that was on the edges of the tube should now all be at the bottom 💅🏻✨💖


9. Pippa Ainsworth‘s long-term saving tip:

I’ve replaced disposable make up pads with washable pads. They are more expensive to begin with but you save money in the long run, and it helps the environment too.


10. Judy Beba-Thompson‘s makeover saver tip:

Want a cut-price beauty treat? Find your local beauty college and check out what they have to offer – all hairdressing, cuts, colours, the lot, plus nails, waxing, massage, facials, lashes – all at UNBELIEVABLE prices. Bargains of the century!

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11. Lexy Law on YouTube reviews:

I look on YouTube for beauty blogger videos before I buy a new product. They are honest about what brand to get if a cheaper version will do and compare looks with a range of brands in that certain product.

12. Gaynor Lewis suggests travel size testers:

Test out travel size products before buying full size – then you’ll know if it suits your skin type and how well it works etc before spending lots on the full-size product

13. Mandy Eakins‘ secret hair tip:

If you use dry shampoo as I do when you haven’t a chance to get to your hairdresser – spray it on your hair the night before – it distributes itself through your hair as you toss and turn during the night and gives a really natural thick well-covered look the next morning.


14.Emily Smith on making it last:

Always cut open your tubes of moisturiser/foundation etc when they are ‘empty,’ There is always plenty left inside and you don’t want to waste it. 😊🤞🍀


15. Margaret Gallagher‘s beauty secret:

Save your favourite mascara wand brushes, (wash and leave to dry), and buy cheaper versions of mascara. Quite often you are paying more for the actual brush than the contents of the mascara. 👀


16. Bryony Sayburn avoids the pink tax:

My favourite beauty money saving tip is to buy men’s razors because they are often cheaper than the identical women’s version only a different colour. 😀


17. Sophie King‘s essential tip:

Sounds daft but wash your makeup brushes regularly in warm water and baby shampoo – it’ll stop germs as well as making sure your brushes last you years. 😊


18. Jackie Lovegrove Walter on giving own brands a chance:

Don’t feel pressured into buying top brands for makeup, moisturizing etc. Cheaper shops own brands are often just as good if not better!


19. Maria Jane Knight on finding the perfect pigment:

My beauty money saving tip is to mix your foundation with your moisturising cream to give a lighter finish, and your foundation bottle will last longer too!


20. Olivia Kirby goes online:

I look online for the best deals, discount codes and cash back. I was after a certain fragrance the other day and managed to get free delivery, 4% cash back, £8 discount and a free hair mask!  


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If you’ve still got your eye on a Lookfantastic 2018 advent calendar, we’ve got you covered. Usually sold for £79, you can get one with a 15% off discount code at Savoo, so you can still get all the amazing products at unbeatable value.

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