School Holiday Essentials

School holidays start next week, and if you are already panicking about what to do with the kids don’t despair; at Savoo we have found you a range of essential games, kits and crafts to keep them entertained both indoors and outside (at least for a few hours anyway!).


Vegetable seed collection

Made up of cauliflower, broccoli, carrot and cabbage seeds, this collection from Lead the Good Life makes it easy for your kids to grow a great range of yummy vegetables- and the packet costs just 99p! Turn into a delicious meal when you’ve harvested the veg.

Rain gauge

Being Britain, it’s probably going to rain a LOT this summer. Make the most of even the wettest weather by encouraging your kids to measure rainfall with this £3 rain gauge from Tesco; they will love the colourful bird character that accompanies it.

Kids Wheelbarrow

We love this £35 mini wheelbarrow from Asda- it’s perfect for getting your kids to help out in the garden and is sturdy enough to last for years.


Out and about

Toy picnic basket

This adorable wicker picnic basket comes with all the picnic essentials including fruit, sandwiches, cups, plates and knifes… and the best part is it is all wooden and completely child friendly! Slightly pricey at £49 from Not on the High Street, tea party invitations will soon be flooding in.

Giant playground chalk

Create outdoor games anywhere in an instant with this giant playground chalk set- £5.60 from Marks and Spencer- and you could soon be reliving your childhood games of hopscotch and tic tac toe.

Sports Day Set

Containing everything you need to hold your own sports day, this kit has plastic eggs and spoons, bean bags, jumping bags and start and finish banners. Perfect for a party or a picnic in the park on a sunny day, the set costs just £9.74 from Argos.



Human body kit

Encourage an interest in science with this fully interactive Human Body Kit, on sale at £17.95 from Prezzybox. The plastic model has 21 removable parts and comes with forceps and tweezers for easy dissection, along with a fully illustrated book.

Kitchen science

Did you know you can generate electricity using a fork and a tomato? You do now! And there are five other kitchen experiments in this £12.99 kit from Argos to keep your kids entertained whilst they learn.

Butterfly garden

Here at Savoo we secretly want one of these kits for ourselves. Simply send off for some live caterpillars and watch them grow from their chrysalis into butterflies in the reusable habitat net. But don’t forget to set the butterflies free in the garden! £14.95 from Prezzybox.


Arts and crafts

Loom twister kit

Taking the playground by storm, colourful loom bands can be turned into bracelets, rings, key rings, headbands and much more. This £20 kit from the Works comes with everything your children need to get creating.

3D doodle kit

Kids will love seeing their sketches turned into 3D images by putting on a simple pair of specs; the kit costs just £4.95 from Prezzybox and has brilliant reviews.

Collage toolbox

Not sure what to buy to encourage your kid’s creativity? Hedge your bets with this collage toolbox from the Early Learning Centre, packed full of pom-poms, beds, gems, googly eyes and pipe cleaners… the list is endless! Pick up for £15.



Farmyard cookies

Includes everything you need to make farmyard shaped cookies, this £10 kit from Hobbycraft is specifically designed to be used by children in the kitchen- just add butter and an egg!

Chocolate pizza

No kid could resist the idea of chocolate pizza, especially when they make it themselves by melting chocolate and adding their own toppings (including jelly beans, white chocolate curls and red rainbow drops!). £12.95 from Prezzybox.

Lolly maker

Make drip free lollies all summer long with the £3.49 lolly maker from Lakeland. Perfect for younger children, it comes with a ‘sip’ part for yummy juice even when the lolly has melted.


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