Seven crazy things people actually purchased

After a Norwegian man took the dramatic step of having a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his arm for a dare (apparently his friends gave him the choice between this or a Barbie doll on his bum… how generous!) we got thinking about the dumbest things that people have spent their money on.

And whilst 18 year old Stian Ytterdahl may now have his takeaway order permanently etched into his skin- including three cheeseburgers and a Happy Meal- he could actually have made an even crazier choice… just check out these seven colossal wastes of money below.

I Am Rich App


Available for just one day on theApp Store, iOS application “I Am Rich” was picked up for the bargain price of £599.99 by eight people with way too much money and time on their hands. Described as a “work of art with no hidden function at all”, I Am Rich simply displayed the following manta on screen:

I am rich

I deserv (sic) it

I am good,

Healthy &


Apparently the app was developed simply so people could show off how much money they had. No, we don’t understand the point of it either.

Sinking Champagne


After Swedish bars banned the spraying of champagne on the walls, overindulged rich kids across the city of Båstad were left with nothing to do with that extra bottle of champagne they ordered for hundreds of pounds (“now how will I show off my wealth to this waiting crowd of girls?!”).

To overcome this truly devastating dilemma, the practise of Vaska was born, which literally means to pour. Also known as sinking, filthy rich partiers order two bottles of champagne and ask the bartender to pour one of them in the sink. We are weeping at the thought.

An iPhone with Flappy Bird installed 


Flappy Bird, the ridiculously addictive app developed by a Vietnam-based developer in 2013, was suddenly removed from the App Store in 2014 causing devastation worldwide. Flappy Bird could no longer be downloaded, but wait… it was still available on phones that had it already installed!

Queue mass hysteria, as iPhones with the Flappy Bird app started being sold on eBay for ridiculous sums of money. According to a number of newspaper reports, an iPhone 5 featuring the game was sold to one crazed fan on eBay for the grand total of £57,000. The irony is that poor developer Dong Nguyen actually took down the app because he was worried it was too addictive.

Personal ATM Machine 



Sports stars are notorious for their money spending habits, but NBA star DeShawn Stevenson really took the biscuit with his purchase of a personal ATM machine. Apparently unimpressed with having to hunt down a cash point whilst out and about, he decided to splash out on his very own machine for the kitchen.But the best part of this story is yet to come: according to TMZ, DeShawn actually charges his friends a transaction fee when they want to withdraw cash themselves. What a generous guy!

Apocalypse-proof condos 


We all remember the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse fiasco that never actually happened. Well, if you felt a little stupid on 22nd December 2012 when the world was still very much intact, be grateful that you didn’t splash out over two million dollars on your very own apocalypse-proof pad underground.

Yep, a number of people invested around $2 million on 1,820 square feet in a Kansas missile silo to prepare for the world ending… which never actually happened. But all is not lost! According to creator Larry Hill, the condos are actually a great investment for a number of other disasters waiting to strike us (zombie apocalypse anyone?)

Solid gold shirt


What is it that we ladies are looking for in the ideal man? Well, according to 32 year old Datta Phuge from India, the one thing we simply cannot resist is a £14,000 solid gold shirt.

Convinced that his sartorial style would be just the thing to impress women, money-lender Phuge commissioned a team of 15 goldsmiths to create his masterpiece gold shirt, which features six Swarovski crystal buttons and an intricate gold belt. Form an orderly queue, girls!

A ghost detector


Lady Gaga was bound to turn up somewhere in this list, but today we aren’t talking about the notorious meat dress or diamond teeth- we are focusing specifically on a purchase of $50,000 state-of-the-art Electro Magnetic Field specially designed to detect ghosts.

According to reports, Gaga is so convinced that supernatural spirits are trying to get her (in particular a ghost called Ryan) that she splashed out on her very own ghost-detecting machine to protect her spiritual being. Good thinking Gaga, you show those ghosts who’s boss.

What stupid things have you purchased which you later regret? We bet you can’t beat these!

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