Make pyjamas your daywear for The Children’s Trust

Finally we have an excuse to celebrate Britain’s nightwear obsession. From today (2nd October), The Children’s Trust will be celebrating National Pyjama Week and you’re invited.

Why not spend a day in your lounge wear and make a small donation to The Children’s Trust to help children with brain injury through a difficult and life changing journey?

Help children like Shakeerah

Shakeerah The Children's Trust

Four-year-old Shakeerah was diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2013, when she was only one year old. She had multiple operations, including one to have a shunt fitted (a tube in her brain to relieve excess fluid), many months of chemotherapy and spent almost two years in hospital. As a result, Shakeerah’s brain was damaged. She came to The Children’s Trust for intensive brain injury rehabilitation.

At The Children’s Trust Shakeerah underwent a bespoke therapy programme to help her regain and build skills that had been affected by her brain injury, such as her movement and communication. Shakeerah began to stand during her therapy sessions, something she hadn’t done since being in hospital. She was also taught sign language to communicate. After three months Shakeerah left The Children’s Trust. She has started school on a full time basis, something that her mum Yasmeen had been told would never be possible.

Yasmeen said: “Shakeerah is such a happy, confident girl at school. She is even beginning to tell her teachers what to do! We don’t think she would be where she is now without The Children’s Trust.”

Every year over 40,000 children in the UK are left with a brain injury as a result of an accident or illness. Many children make a good recovery, but thousands are more severely affected and have to live with ongoing, long-term difficulties.

What do your donations help The Children’s Trust with?

One of the things donations fund is the charity’s play team. They work directly with the children, organising play activities and taking them on day trips – things that can make a crucial difference to a child’s rehabilitation, distracting them from their illness and treatment.

They also help children settle in, rebuild confidence and raise self-esteem, while the health play specialists support them through medical procedures. Through play therapy children practice the skills they learn in rehabilitation sessions in a fun and exciting way.

Often children don’t even realise the valuable progress and development they are making during these exciting and fun activities. With prolonged periods of hospitalisation what’s important is children are given the opportunity to be children, not just a patient.

Support The Children’s Trust through Savoo

You can find the perfect PJs for National Pyjama Week and use a discount code or voucher of ours if you order them online, too. By doing this and supporting The Children’s Trust, you’ll also be supporting children like Shakeerah at no extra cost to you.

You can also use our search engine to search the web. When you’ve chosen to support The Children’s Trust through us, we’ll donate a penny to them on your behalf. If you’re already supporting them through Savoo, why not visit The Children’s Trust website for more information on National Pyjama Week or other ways to support them.

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