World Cancer Day – 4 Feb 2017

world cancer day 2017

On Saturday 4th February, individuals and organisations from across the globe will come together to show their support for World Cancer Day 2017 by sharing pictures, campaigns and messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With input from each and every one of us, this day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and improving education about the disease, as well as encouraging governments and individuals from across the world to sit up and take action in the fight against cancer.

Cancer knows no boundaries, and we cannot address the challenges cancer poses in isolation. This battle demands a unified approach and that is what World Cancer Day exists for.

What you can do this World Cancer Day

It doesn’t take much to show your support. Here are a couple of easy ideas that don’t require much (if any) time or money:

  1. Simply share what you will be doing on or around World Cancer Day on social media – however big or small. Don’t forget to include the hashtags; #WorldCancerDay and #WeCanICan
  2. Add any individual campaign you’re driving to the interactive Map of Impact which aims to feature all of the events, activities and actions that are taking place around the world.
  3. Join the Thunderclap which is a great way to give this fantastic day the visibility it deserves, and increase the chances of it ‘trending’ on social media platforms.

Help us support World Cancer Day 2016

If you’d like to support World Cancer Day for free, we’ll donate to a charity of your choice on your behalf when you use Savoo Search or use our free Voucher Codes and Deals.

Simply select a charity and start using our site to save money on your shopping and raise money for free; then share your story on social media and tag #WorldCancerDay @Savoo.

We’ve partnered with the following cancer charities:

Join us and get behind the World Cancer Day movement this weekend x

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