Term Time Holidays: Your Thoughts

A few weeks ago we asked Savoo Facebook fans whether they would take their children out of school during term time if they could save a lot of money on their summer holidays. Despite risking fines, prosecution and even a jail sentence, the majority said yes.

Recent research by Nationwide (as summed up in this blog post) showed that a family can expect to pay an extra £1,347 for a vacation if they go away during the school holidays.

We wanted to hear your opinions on this- and it turns out that most of you are on the same wavelength. As shown in the diagram below, a massive 73% of parents would be happy to take their children out of school if it meant saving over £1,000 on the cost of their holiday. Only 9% said they wouldn’t, whilst 18% were sat on the fence.


So what were some of your reasons behind your decision? Here are some of the best responses.


Absolutely Not

“No, personally I wouldn’t, but I see the reasons why people would, and feel they have to.”

“No way – they get enough time off school as it is, and school days are getting shorter.”

Sat on the Fence

“Maybe, it depends on what year they are in… I have 4 kids and have never done it personally, especially not for Year 11 – education then is more important than a holiday.”

“Maybe- It depends on the school year they were in and if they had tests coming up. My child has just had a week of fun activities which, I’m glad they enjoyed, but the school would have still not “allowed” time off for a family holiday even though nothing educational was taught, so it does seem very unfair.”


“Yes, family time is every bit as important as school & for some of us, the only time we can afford to go is outside of school holidays. We always try to tag onto the end of a school holiday, so the whole break is not in school time.”

“Yes did it at the end of term which saved me £800 if I was to go in school holidays.”

“Yes definitely. Even if I get fined the amount saved far outweighs the cost of fine.”

“I would, if they have good attendance and get on with their school work why shouldn’t they be allowed.”

We would still love to hear other opinions on this hot topic, so get in touch!


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