This Week in Deals: Including eHarmony for £9.95 a month

With the weather a bit warmer and the days a bit longer it could be time for a bit of a spring clean, so why not treat yourself with these amazing deals and codes?

Deal #1: Is 2015 your year to meet someone special? Join eHarmony for only £9.95 a month right now and start looking for your soulmate.

Deal #2: Get your hands on affordable fashion from Pretty Little Thing, and use our code to save 10% on your order until March 22.

Deal #3: One for the men here! We’ve got a code for 15% off all orders at Racing Green- menswear with quintessentially British tailoring.

Deal #4: Struggle to fit 5 a day into your diet? Discover the joy of cooking with HelloFresh and get £18 off your first order until March 22.

Deal #5: Celebrate the start of spring with a pair of shoes from Crocs, and save 15% when you spend over £40.

Deal #6: Do you love exploring new things in your hometown? Use our discount code to get an extra 10% off at Living Social until March 22.

Deal #7: Escape the ordinary with Weirdfish clothing, and save 12% on your order until March 22.

Deal #8: If you love nothing more than good quality steak, make sure you take advantage of our 50% saving on the Donald Russell steak selection. For a limited time only!

Happy shopping!

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