Tis the season to be…hungover

Are you ready for it?  Are you a seasoned pro, prepared for what you’re about to embark on?  Or are you new to the game, goggle-eyed at the thought of free booze and food and the chance to make a move on the girl/boy you’ve secretly liked for ages?  Because Christmas party season is about to descend on us and – in my experience – you need to be prepared for whatever it throws as you.

As someone who has made a fair few festive mistakes at quite a few office Yuletide celebrations, I’d love to offer you my top ten tips for getting through what often proves to be the most debauched, hungover, dehydrated, inappropriate and exhausting time of the year.

  1. A man’s desk is his castle: chances are you’re not going to be early and fresh when you do get into the office the morning after the night before. So, ensure you have everything you need to make your morning as comfortable as possible.  My advice is to go onto the Savoo Boots discount codes page and stock up on Berocca Boost and Nurofen.  There are always great deals and savings to be had, so you might as well buy in bulk and be everyone’s friend in the office by handing out the excellent hangover cures.
  2. Change the habit of a lifetime: it seems so obvious and yet you never do it, but keep a spare set of clothes in the office. You never know where you might end up and the thought of either a) going home to get changed or b) wearing the same clothes is not a good one.
  3. Don’t go ugly early: keep a lid on things for the first few hours of the party. You don’t want to be ‘the one’ that everyone is talking about behind your back.  Assess the situation, go steady and let someone else play the fool.
  4. Microphones are not your friend: there are often speeches at these parties and that means microphones. Implement a self-imposed ban on going anywhere near a microphone when you’ve had a few.  Trust me, it always ends in tears.
  5. Better the devil you know: if you can, stick to one drink you’re used to. The Jager Bombs, Tequila, Sambuca etc might come out, but that only leads to loose lips – and you know what they say…they sink ships.
  6. Murder on the dance floor: dancing is great and should be encouraged. But you don’t want to be the most drunk person at the party because – with the advent of the smartphone – everyone can remind you of your ‘moves’ the next day.  Leading to a worse hangover.
  7. Food for thought: the food at a work Christmas party tends to be the last thing on your mind, but eat it because before you know it your stomach will be solely populated with booze and that can increase the hangover exponentially.
  8. Office romance: a recent survey said something like 70% of us have snogged someone at the Christmas party and good luck to you if you have. However, just remember the consequences and remember the situation of the person you’re feeling amorous towards.  A stern word from your boss or – even worse – a warning the next day can really increase the acuteness of that hangover (see and combine with number 7).
  9. Just do it: get up and get into the office no matter how bad you feel. Get in and use the Boots supplies you’ve bought to make you feel human.  Then have some breakfast (nothing too messy) and try and achieve three things.  You will feel great and will be sat on top of the moral high ground.
  10. No pain, no gain: if you do get a night off the client / staff / friends party, do some exercise. Sweating it all out is great for a consistent performer like yourself and shows the men from the boys.

But above all stay safe, be happy, have a great time and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

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