Top 10 Celebrity Christmas Jumpers

Sporting a Christmas jumper this year? You’re in good company, since these celebs can’t seem to resist the pull of a festive sweater either. Here’s our countdown of the best celebrity Christmas jumpers. And don’t forget to look at our clothing discount codes to save money on your own cosy cover-up.

10) Katie Holmes

A subdued effort from Katie Holmes puts her at number 10 on our list. A few feeble snowflakes does not a Christmas jumper make.


9) Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s fluffy Christmas jumper is all kinds of cute, but not colourful enough to rank any higher than 9.


8) Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

We aren’t overwhelmed by Cheryl’s Christmas jumper. Great duckface though.


7) Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole wins at life with a sparkly green bow on her Christmas jumper, giant earrings and pint of beer.


6) Ariana Grande

Remember a time when Ariana Grande didn’t permanently sport knee high boots and a strange half-up half down ponytail? No we didn’t either. But such a time did exist, and we have the proof.


5) Ferne Cotton

Loving the Santa hat Ferne.


4) Miley Cyrus

Her trademark double bun hairstyle and oversized Christmas jumper puts Miley at number 4.


3) Ellie Goulding

Yes Ellie! We love Santa too.


2) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber probably wants to forget this jumper ever happened, BUT WE NEVER WILL.


1) Kanye West

Kanye West. In a Christmas jumper. That is all.


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