Top 5 Cut Flowers that Last

Spring has officially sprung, and now is the perfect time to bring a longed-for splash of colour into the dark days of winter. When choosing a bouquet to give to someone special or brighten up your home, make sure you choose flowers that will go the distance: no one wants to receive a bouquet that wilts within a few days! Here are Savoo’s top five flowers that should last for over a week, which can all be bought at a reasonable price.


Classic Chrysanthemum, £13.99 Flying Flowers | Space Cadet, £19.99 Serenata Flowers
Chrysanthemums have gone out of fashion in recent years, but they don’t deserve their reputation as a naff supermarket staple; in fact chrysanthemums- or ‘mums’ as they are often called- are a hardy flower that are revered in China and Japan. Most mums will last seven to 12 days on average, sometimes longer depending on the variety, and they have the added bonus of being available all year round. Tips for keeping them fresh include:
  • Remove the leaves below the water line and recut the stems, ensuring the cut is above the woody portion.
  • Chrysanthemum foliage often deteriorates more quickly than the flowers, so remove if it begins to droop or yellow.
  • Change the water every day.

Trio of Roses, £24.99 iFlorist | Antique Roses, £28.90 Debenhams Flowers
Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty, and given as a gift their colours are supposed to represent different things- red for romance, yellow for friendship and white for sympathy or purity (but these two bunches from iFlorist and Debenhams Flowers prove that you don’t have to stick to one colour to make an impression!) Despite their delicate appearance, cut roses can actually live for several days if cared for properly.
  • If choosing your own flowers, gently squeeze the rose where the petals meet the top of the stem. Firmness indicates that they are fresh and ideal for purchase.
  • Always use a clean vase that has been washed and well rinsed to remove any microorganisms before arranging your roses.
  • Remove the lower leaves that have been submerged in water.
Strawberry Shortcake, £24.95 iFlorist | Fruit Salad, £11.90 Eflorist
Along with mums, carnations are the ubiquitous choice for cut flowers; Britain’s bestselling flower is not only inexpensive but can last for up to two weeks in a vase. Sadly, these attributes have also led them to being dubbed as a cheap and easy cop out, most commonly picked up from a petrol station. But wait! Carnations are long-lasting, available all year round, and add colour, fullness and depth to any arrangement when used correctly: don’t give up on this cheerful flower just yet.
  • Make sure you keep your carnations away from ethylene producing materials- including certain fruits and vegetables- to maintain their freshness.
  • When you re-cut the stems of your carnations, trim them just above one of the nodes on the stalk to allow the stem to draw water more easily.
Simply Freesia, £20.99 Flying Flowers | Fiesta! £19.99 Serenata Flowers
Freesias are said to symbolise innocence and friendship, but it is their captivating sweet scent that makes them among the most popular bouquet flowers in the UK. Growing off one side of a thin, elegant stem, their bell-shaped blooms are hugely versatile and come in a variety of colours. As well as their light alluring fragrance, freesias are also fairly hardy: typically lasting four to 12 days once cut. To look after your freesias:
  • Remove any blooms below the water line and cut the stem ends at a 45 degree angle.
  • Recondition the flowers every two to three days by re-cutting the stems, changing the water and adding nourishment.
  • Keep freesias away from sources of ethylene.
Calliope, £24.99 Serenata Flowers | Simply White Oriental Lilies, £16.99 Flying Flowers
An elegant uniquely fragranced flower, lilies are used for a number of occasions including the celebration of birth, marriage, and the passing of life. A lily stem will typically have up to eight buds that open to create a beautiful trumpet shape, and with proper care a bunch will last up to two weeks in a vase. Here are some tips for caring for lilies:
  • Cut the stems and strip the lower flowers before arranging them in a vase.
  • Remove spent leaves and flowers as they wither.
  • To prevent pollen from staining petals or clothing, remove the stamens of the lilies.
  • Lilies are toxic to cats, so keep them out of reach of your moggie.
And of course, whatever type of flower you end up choosing make sure you use Savoo voucher codes to save money on your bouquet!

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