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The smoothie and juicing craze kicked off a few years ago and is showing no sign of slowing down. In our increasingly busy and on-the-go lives, being able to pack tons of fantastic nutrients all into one handy beaker and run out of the door with it is the perfect way to stay healthy and ensure you’re making smarter dietary decisions without any hassle, and without the expense of purchasing ready-made smoothies which often contain hidden nasties like added sugar.

We’ve all heard of the Nutribullet and most of us know someone who has one, but are these most talked about blenders really the best?

Well that depends largely on what you want from your blender.

Choosing the right blender

Are you going to use it every day? If so, you’ll probably want a high-performance or high-speed blender and the Nutribullet certainly ticks this box.

Similarly, we often think that the more we pay for something the better it is and that’s not always true. Some blenders are expensive because they have a lot of processing options and are used for lots of different things, such as doubling up as a food processor. If you’re looking for a simple juicer or smoothie maker, don’t make the mistake of paying for features you don’t need. Price isn’t always an indicator of quality.

We firmly believe that you should be looking more at the durability of a blender than how much it costs. Read reviews like this, find out more about the warranty information and you should be able to get a good idea of how long a particular blender is going to last.

What makes a blender good?

The key component to pretty much any blender is the blades it uses. An effective blender will use long blades that are installed close to the bottom of the pitcher or cup, so un-chopped and un-blended food cannot get stuck underneath. The kind of blades used and their positioning is more important than the number of blades.

It’s also essential that you look at the power of the blender before you buy. High power blenders will cut through tough foods easily and blend ingredients quicker.

Also go for a blender where you can detach the blades as this will make it easier to clean your blender.

Here we have selected some of the best selling blenders on the market to review.

Ideal for the gym, work, school and days out – Just Blend and Go! Includes 2 600 ml and 2 300 ml BPA-free bottles, and boasts detachable dishwasher safe blades and bottle. Importantly, it has a 300 W motor. Price: £28.49

Powerful 600W Bullet Exclusive Cyclonic motor, Extractor Blade turns at an incredible 20,000 RPM to completely break down ingredients into a delicious pulp-free drink.
12 Piece Set, quick and easy to clean. Price: £59.99

900w motor with ice crushing technology, contains blender, 500ml & 650ml cups, 2 sip & seal lids and a recipe booklet. Capacity: 0.65 Litres and it’s dishwasher safe. Price: £39.99

We still favour the classic Nutribullet in our Blender review and although it’s the priciest of the three, the blades are strong, long and close to the base of the cup and it never fails to blitz our fruit into a smooth juice. It’s easy to clean and comes as part of a 12 piece set.  You can’t go wrong.

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