Top Nine Impulse Buys we Need to Resist

Shops are very clever; they know exactly which buttons to press to turn you from a list-carrying frugal customer to a crazed shopper with seemingly endless pockets.

So without further ado, here are Savoo’s top nine impulse buys; resist them to help keep your bank account from resembling a money sucking black hole.

Pound store

Go to the pound shop, they said. It’ll save you a fortune, they said. Sure, it started cheap, but that was before you started loading up your basket with useless tat that you will never, ever use. Feather boa? Why not, it’s only a pound! Plastic garden gnome? Yes, a complete bargain! Before you know it, you’ve loaded up your basket with 20 quid’s worth of crap that probably fell off the back of a lorry.


Pretty much every brand has an app nowadays, just ready and waiting to part you with your hard earned cash. But the most dangerous of all has to be from ASOS; this devilishly easy app even allows you to add a credit card using your phone camera (#techy). In the blink of an eye you will be gliding happily towards the checkout with a full shopping basket and hideous hole in your bank account.


You love a good deal right? Of course you do. But supermarkets know this… and they will abuse your thrifty attitude until you are a shadow of your former frugal self. Do you really need to buy double the amount of broccoli just because you save 10p off the price? No- it will just go mouldy in the fridge. And those chocolate bars nestling innocently by the till are designed to tempt you- do not give in! Do not let them win!

Home accessories

What is it about scented candles that turn normally sensible shoppers into impulse buyers? Is it the pretty colours, the intriguingly named smells (ginger dusk: lovely) or the promise of a newly tranquil bedroom? Well, it’s all three actually. Shops display colour coordinating items and complementary hues to spark impulse purchases, and like a sucker we always fall for it; IKEA I’m talking to you.

Nail polish

Barry M nail polish will always be my downfall. Much like scented candles, the wide array of colours (every shade you could possibly wish for) at the bargain price of £2.99 makes polish impossible to resist. And they sell it everywhere- River Island, Boots, Tesco- so you can never escape the temptation. Argh!

Extended Warranties

Deep down we all know that extended warranties are a waste of money. Products are usually covered by the manufacturer for at least a year, and you have the legal right to return an item if it’s faulty anyway. So next time the nice sales assistant tries to charm you into taking it out, JUST SAY NO.


Cheap clothes shops like Primark are a veritable paradise for impulse shoppers. You go in for a new umbrella and come out with a basketful of jewellery, dresses and usually a packet of sweets placed conveniently next to the queue for the tills. At least buying clothes online you are more likely to think through your purchase or use a voucher code to save some money (plus, the Primark website is rubbish, let’s be honest).

Lottery Tickets

Every once in a while we convince ourselves that we are destined to win the lottery; we were MEANT to be millionaires. So off you trot to the newsagents to buy a few tickets, and by the time the results are announced you are already living in a mansion and holidaying in the Caribbean. But alas, when it comes down to it, all you’ve done is waste a couple of quid and enter a deep depression about how much your life sucks.

Morning coffee

Caffeine addiction is hard to kick. On a rainy, grey morning, what harm could a £2.50 latte do? You DESERVE it, you NEED it. And in no time at all you are spending 15 quid a week on coffee and wondering where all your money’s going: tax evading coffee shops, that’s where.


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