Top Ten Last Minute Valentine’s Presents

It’s the final countdown- Valentine’s Day is just four days away, and if you haven’t got your loved one a romantic gift yet then you had better get your thinking cap on! Here at Savoo, we make it our duty to find you the best deals from across the web, so without further ado we present you our top ten last minute Valentine’s presents- you can thank us on Friday.


Sending a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day might be a little predictable, but quite frankly who can resist a gorgeous bouquet of red roses or pink oriental lilies? So ignore the cynics and rejoice in the traditional with one of our many offers on Valentine’s bouquets- they will melt even the coldest of hearts.


Choosing jewellery for your girlfriend or wife can be a challenge, but if successful you will win some serious brownie points. If in doubt, set a budget and invest in a timeless necklace, bracelet or earrings (we recommend avoiding rings unless you are planning to propose… a ring shaped box on Valentine’s Day could be seriously misconstrued!)

Hint: if you are drawing a blank, raid your partner’s existing jewellery collection to get an idea of his/ her taste. Now is not the time to experiment with a wacky new style.

A well-received Valentine’s present isn’t always about how much money you’ve spent- sometimes the best gifts are those that have had a lot of thought put into them instead. Check out our list of personalised gift offers below.
Swanky lingerie can be appreciated by both men and women (possibly for very different reasons!), so there is no better time than Valentine’s Day to get pulses racing with a new set of underwear. Combine with a night in and a bottle of champagne for the ultimate romantic celebration.

Only just started dating? A fluffy pair of slippers or a silky negligee might be a more tactful pressie than saucy lingerie!

Food and drink

Candlelight, a bottle of wine, a succulent steak and a chocolate treat for dessert… sound tempting? We think so! Budding Jamie Olivers can treat their loved one to a home cooked feast this Friday, but the less kitchen friendly of you might want to leave the hard work to someone else. Either way, these deals are sure to make your tummies rumble.

Chocolates get a bad rep on Valentine’s Day for being an easy way out. But let’s be honest, you can’t compare a box of Milk Tray picked up at the local petrol station with a selection of handpicked truffles from Hotel Chocolat! Invest in some personalised luxury handmade delicacies and get your partner’s taste buds tingling.


Yes it’s slightly uninspiring and done to death, but who can say no to a bit of pampering…

Spa Days

Spa days aren’t just for girls- all of the men in the Savoo office admit to enjoying a massage just as much as their female counterparts. And the best part is a spa day is something you can enjoy as a couple, particularly if you get a chance to use additional facilities like a pool, steam room or sauna.

Short breaks

If you feel like splashing the cash (or simply want to escape the grey and rainy weather in the UK), you could really surprise your partner and book a short break abroad. Check out our recent blog post on sunny getaways for under £600, or take advantage of one of the deals below- but hurry they won’t be around for long!

Need inspiration?

It happens to the best of us- you run out of inspiration and hit the proverbial present brick wall- perhaps you’re just getting to know your partner (or maybe you’ve been married for years and have exhausted all other gift options!) Never fear, these Valentine’s offers will give you a multitude of ideas to choose from.

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