#LifeLoves: Whisk yourself away this Valentine’s

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This Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating all Life Loves. Whether you’re single and (not so) ready to mingle or consider yourself well and truly off the market, our love life isn’t the only thing we should be celebrating this Valentine’s.

We’ve already delved into self-care, taking time for hobbies, and the positive impact of keeping your living space clutter-free, and today we’re exploring the benefits of travel.

It’s all too easy to get sucked into the fast-paced nature of life and work and commitments, but just how important is it for our mental health and overall wellbeing to take some time out to relax and recharge? We’ll also be sharing our favourite travel discount codes and deals to help you plan your next retreat without breaking the bank. Plus, find out how to win £150 for yourself and a charity in our #LifeLoves competition at the end of the post.

It’s a fact, travel is good for you. People are happiest when they have a trip coming up – that’s what researchers from the University of Surrey think. Our friends over the pond think the same too – experts from Cornell University suggest people get more satisfaction from experiences than material things.

With scientific fact backing us, let’s look at how can we take the first steps towards using travel and exploration as a way to benefit our overall wellbeing. Staying true to our money-saving roots we’ll be incorporating nifty money-saving tips to help you cut costs along the way.

Take the stress out of travel planning by booking in advance

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Going on a trip, especially abroad can introduce us to brand new cultures and experiences. It broadens our perspective of our own lives and studies show this, in turn, leaves us feeling more enriched, enlightened and engaged.

That said, organising a holiday can be stressful. Booking your trip through online platforms like TUI, First Choice, Booking.com and Expedia as far in advance as possible reduces the risk of running yourself into a stress-induced tizz and allows positive feelings to outweigh any negative or anxious thoughts.

Whether that’s ironing out itineraries, transport or hotels in good time, planning in advance is a surefire way to associate travel with positive connotations that lead towards improved mental wellbeing.

The Telegraph’s travel guru Nick Trend has written a comprehensive planning guide for a stress free break. Tips include buying transport online before you travel and ordering your currency before the big day to keep stress levels to a minimum. We couldn’t agree more!

Consider travelling by coach or ferry to stay on budget

Lady waving friends off on ferry

Does the thought of missing your flight because the queue for a Maccies breakfast at Gatwick was too long make you shudder? You’re not alone – levels of airport stress are on the up.

In fact a recent study found a third of people who fly believe the airport experience is more stressful than the working week. In turn, eager holidaymakers have started to shun the airport for alternative transport methods like coach and ferry. Come to think of it, the benefits are profound. Simply turn up on time, board, and away you go.

Despite the fact that taking to the road or seas still isn’t as popular as jetting off overseas, the coaching enthusiasts over at Saga claim that coach travel can actually relieve stress, likening it to a personal chauffeur who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Not to mention the fact that fares are usually tons cheaper and greener. With airport overcrowding set to rise in the coming years, coaches and ferries could just become your new gateway to a stress-free trip.

Get a cracking deal on your next trip with Savoo’s vouchers for popular coach and ferry operators including P&O Ferries, FlixBus, DFDS Seaways, National Express, and National Holidays. You’ll have your feet up and a drink in hand on your travels in no time.

Cut costs by going on a staycation

Blackpool beach at dusk

Why travel to Vegas when we’ve got the wonders of Blackpool right here on home turf? All jokes aside, Britain is home to some absolutely gorgeous scenery and landmarks that simply can’t be matched elsewhere.

Plus, recent studies have shown that people who don’t take a holiday for several years are 30% more likely to have a heart attack. Why? Simply put, those who travel tend to be more active than those spending their lives sitting in front of a computer screen all day. What better way to get limbered up and active than a staycation in the good old British countryside?

Let’s be honest, a staycation isn’t exactly the best time to top up your tan, which is why activities and family bonding is the perfect way to fill your time. Kay Trott from Tiny Homes Holidays tells us:

“Holidaying in the UK is a great way to keep costs down and is greener than flying. It’s a great chance to reconnect with family and loved ones off grid, reminding us to slow down and appreciate the here and now.”

If that’s not enough of a reason to leave the passports in the draw, staying on British soil for your holiday tends to be less stressful and means you can take your beloved pets too. Couple these with the proven benefits of spending time in the great outdoors as well as Savoo’s fantastic exclusive deal for 10% off bookings at Just Go Holidays, your next British getaway will be planned on a budget before you know it.

Don’t forget to check out currents deals for the likes of Sykes Cottages and Shearings for awesome discounts on hundreds of home soil retreats.

Don’t forget insurance for extra peace of mind

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Picture this. Your dream trip to sunny Jamaica (which took you over a year to save up for) has come to an abrupt end after your partner’s started to feel sick. Pina coladas have been switched for high dosage pain meds and the cherry on the cake is that you’ve just remembered you didn’t book travel insurance. D’oh!

Amidst the excitement of leaving everyday life behind and planning your next getaway, it can be easy to overlook the importance of travel insurance and that extra peace of mind it brings to your travels.

Plus, Bupa tells us that travel insurance offers support not only for medical emergencies and dental cover, but also for cancelled or rescheduled flights and replacement of lost or stolen luggage amongst plenty of other pros.

Making sure you’re prepared for any unexpected incidents or illnesses while you’re away will ensure your trip goes smoothly even if the worst happens. Find a deal on plans from Staysure Travel Insurance or the Post Office to suit your travel needs to make your next trip the best yet.

Find the best deals in a few clicks

Woman comparing travel insurance deals on laptop

Whether you’re holidaying to a sunsoaked idyllic beach or are off on a city jaunt across Europe, getting a fantastic deal on flights and hotels is easier than ever these days.

Forget paying thousands for a luxury hotel room and hundreds more for excursions and upgrades. With online booking platforms you can scour the web for the best prices across hundreds of travel suppliers.

We all know how great it feels nabbing an absolute bargain on your holiday. Why let it stop at flights and hotel rooms? Check out current deals for Trivago, Skyscanner and Lastminute to save even more money on your next getaway, wherever you choose to go.

Travel and respite are crucial for those in need. Give free donations this Valentine’s

We’ve looked at the best ways to make travel a positive experience for your overall happiness. For families in need, travel is a fantastic opportunity to escape everyday life and spend some much needed family time together.

Charities like Family Holiday Association and Revitalise Respite Holidays work tirelessly to make this a reality for so many families around the UK. This February you can raise free donations for these charities every time you shop and save through Savoo. Find out how to start supporting and saving on our ‘how it works‘ page.

Get your chance to win £150 for you and a charity this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day is all about you, your passions and loving life. Share your favourite way to treat yourself on a budget over on Savoo’s Facebook and Twitter pages to be in with the chance of winning £150 for you and a charity from our list of charities.

Get packing your bags! After all you can’t put a price on happiness and even science says it could just be the next best thing you do for your mental wellbeing. Take time for your #LifeLoves and keep costs down with a voucher code or deal from Savoo – whatever they might be.

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