Volunteering at Church Housing Trust

Church Housing Trust

On Wednesday 17th August, myself and my colleague Marion headed over to our charity partners, Church Housing Trust, to find out more about the fantastic work they do behind closed doors, and to get hands on and help wherever we could.

First up, let’s find out a little more about what Church Housing Trust exists for.

About Church Housing Trust

Reverend Wilson Carlile began working with homeless people in London in 1882, and by 1924 he had set up Church Army Housing, which offered hostels and work opportunities to those wanting to turn to their lives around. In 1977, this accommodation was transferred to the Church Housing Association to benefit from public funding and ensure that the properties could be well maintained.

church housing trust history

And although the Church Housing Association has since merged with the Riverside Group, Church Housing Trust remains an independent charity today; raising money to provide extra support for homeless people in these properties.

The charity’s support extends to homeless young people and adults, those with mental health problems, substance abuse issues, veterans, and those with complex needs.

Providing long term support

Because people who have experienced homelessness need more than just a roof over their heads, Church Housing Trust provides funding to help people learn new life skills, through training and activities that help them to build confidence and transition from homelessness to employment and self-sufficiency.

The charity also supports the resettlement of individuals by funding food, clothing, and even home furnishings.

For Church Housing Trust, it’s about making a house a home and giving disadvantaged people the opportunity to experience some of the things we often take for granted in life, like art courses, trips to the beach, and most importantly, friendship.

Because everyone deserves a second chance at life.

How we can support Church Housing Trust

Church Housing Trust relies heavily on the support of volunteers in all areas, and although Marion and I weren’t out on the streets or in hostels supporting from the front line, there was plenty to be getting on with at head office.

We were tasked with helping to prep a direct mail for previous donors and we were both thrilled to be able to help.

Church Housing Trust volunteering

If you’d like to help Church Housing Trust rebuild broken lives you can do so in a number of ways:

We’d like to extend our thanks to Church Housing Trust for having us, and we’d love it if you could help us help them raise awareness of the fantastic work they do to support an end to homelessness.

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