What is Passive Giving?

Passive Giving

Passive Giving


  1. Passive Giving is the act of donating or giving back in a way that does not require you to deviate from an everyday activity.

Passive Giving – sometimes referred to as ‘Passive Funding’ – places donation control in the hands of the donor. It is up to that individual to choose to donate to charity on their own terms without having to do anything differently.

The opposite of Passive Giving is Active Giving, or ‘Active Funding’, which relies on fundraisers to manage or lead the development of a strategy and actively encourage organisations to promote, and donators to donate to worthwhile causes. Ultimately, this form of donation requires all parties to channel energy into active fundraising rather than enabling donations to be made as part of ones everyday activities (the latter we define as Passive Giving).

The term Passive Giving was coined by Savoo in September 2015. The concept originated from the idea that by shopping or searching online with a fundraising platform like Savoo.co.uk, people could earn donations for charities that would be paid by the fundraising platform – not by the user themselves.

Another example of Passive Giving is the ‘Gift Aid’ scheme. If you’re a UK taxpayer and are sponsoring a friend for a charity run, you’ll often be invited to tick a ‘Gift Aid’ box before you complete your donation. Ticking this Gift Aid box enables the charity you’re donating to to reclaim the basic rate income tax paid on the sponsored amount donated (approximately 25% of the gift value). It doesn’t cost you – the donator – any more, but it does mean that a larger donation will be made to the charity, courtesy of this tax relief.

There are a number of ways that you can passively support charities when you visit Savoo.co.uk:

  1. Use Savoo’s search engine instead of Google for all your online search queries, and Savoo will donate 1p to your chosen charity for every search you make
  2. Get the latest deals and voucher codes from over 2,000 top retailers like Amazon, Sainsbury’s and New Look, and Savoo will donate to your chosen cause at no extra cost to you
  3. Like, share and comment on our Facebook photos and posts
  4. Follow us on Twitter and retweet, like and comment on our posts

Remember that the more people who engage in passive giving, the greater the impact.

Passive Giving is the future of fundraising. Read ‘Charities are now embracing ‘Passive Giving’ as technology allows people to donate on their own terms‘ for more info on the changing charitable landscape.

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