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Part of being human is understanding that our paths are never completely straightforward or without obstacles. Challenges exist; mistakes are made; and sometimes, we lose our way. That is the reality of life and that is what it means to be human.

Addaction exists to help people who’ve lost their way, and to support the families of those people who’re ambling down a self-destructive pathway.

One of the most common feelings surrounding addiction is helplessness, and Addaction wants to let people know that they don’t have to feel alone. This is a place where like-minded individuals can come together to talk openly and honestly, and heal in a way that feels natural – not forced or overtly clinical.

It’s about real people helping others become the best that they can be.

The Addaction story

Mollie Craven had first-hand experience of the debilitating effects of drug addiction – her son was a registered heroin addict by the age of 18 and Mollie felt powerless to save him.

In 1967, she wrote an article for the Guardian newspaper detailing her plight – namely: “we parents of addicts are a neglected and ignored group”. In her article, she called on other families afflicted with drug problems and suggested that they come together and form a support group. Shortly after the article went to print, Addaction was born.

Tragically, Mollie’s son died at the age of 21, but through this personal tragedy, Mollie was driven to change the future of support for other adults, young people and their families, and she threw herself into tackling UK policy on addiction and further developing her support network.

The charity has since grown from strength to strength; now supporting individuals, families and communities faced with substance abuse issues (alcohol and drugs), mental health issues and well-being concerns. Support services now include clinical expertise, family and housing support, homelessness support and employment support.

In 2014, Addaction managed to help an incredible 70,000 people in need of support, nationwide.

Supporting Addaction

Having recently partnered with Addaction, we were invited to spend a day with their team to see what they get up to, learn about their values and ultimately discover how we could best support them with content, volunteering and awareness campaigns.

It was a hugely insightful experience and we found ourselves deeply moved by the stories of loss and recovery. Yas jumped in to help the team prepare a direct mail campaign and to chat about the charity’s history, values and culture.

Addaction volunteering

“We really got the impression that Addaction was willing to try new things – to embark on new journeys and try out innovative fundraising ideas to assist donations and help raise awareness of their fantastic cause.”

And their enthusiasm for our newly formed partnership – centred on Passive Giving – certainly supports this notion.

We’re trying new things in a bid to transform the future of fundraising and we’re excited to have Addaction on board supporting the Passive Giving movement.

If you’d like to support Addaction simply by searching and shopping online, watch this short video to find out how you can get involved:

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