World Cancer Day: Research reveals proportion of diagnoses in A&E decreasing

World Cancer Day 2018

This World Cancer Day (Sunday 4th February) individuals and charities from around the globe will band together and unite in the fight against cancer. The campaigning and funds raised will help towards vital research and support to improve survival rates and work to eradicate cancer once and for all.

Although cancer is still the biggest killer worldwide, recent research has shown that the way in which cancers are diagnosed in England is improving. Figures from Public Health England (PHE) have revealed that the proportion of cancers diagnosed as emergencies has fallen since 2016.

Typically, the cancers diagnosed at A&E tend to be at a more advanced stage than those diagnosed through GP appointments or screening. In turn, this leads to a poorer prognosis for the patient. As is the case with a number of other potentially life-threatening conditions, the earlier a cancer is detected, the better the chance that the treatment given will be successful. So, it goes without saying that these figures have been welcomed by cancer charities and organisations around the world.

More needs to be done to diagnose cancer as early as possible

Despite this good news, more needs to be done to be able to diagnose cancer at the earliest stage possible. And according to experts, it’s one of the most important ways of improving cancer survival rates. At the moment, these are at a record high, but greater awareness of signs and symptoms remain crucial.

The data comes from the PHE’s Routes to Diagnosis research, which includes data from over 3 million cancer cases to help understand via which ‘route’ cancers are picked up. Routes include screenings, emergency presentations, urgent GP referrals, and routine GP referrals.

Another finding from the data shows that the three-year survival rate for those diagnosed with cervical cancer after a screening is 95%, compared to 65% when diagnosed following an urgent GP referral.

World Cancer Day 2018

In the run up to World Cancer Day, Savoo spoke to four cancer charities that we are currently partnered with to find out more about the important of early diagnosis, and their work towards raising awareness and funding research into different types of cancer.

You can support any of these charities for free when you shop through Savoo. And this week (29th January – 4th February) we will be doubling all donations raised through our platform when you shop.

Children with Cancer UK

Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. Our focus is to liberate visionary research to accelerate breakthroughs in cancer treatment and care.

Despite the huge advances that have been made in recent decades to improve treatments, cancer is the leading medical cause of death in children and young people, responsible for the loss of more than 500 young lives every year in the UK.

No child should die from cancer. That’s why Children with Cancer UK invest millions of pounds each year in cutting-edge research: to help us understand why children get cancer in the first place and to better treat it, so that one day we can save the life of every young patient.

Ovarian Cancer Action

Ovarian Cancer Action logo
A woman dies from ovarian cancer every two hours in the UK. We are dedicated to beating the disease and creating better futures for the thousands of women affected by it.

Early detection is one of the keys to beating ovarian cancer; a late diagnosis at stage 4 gives just a 4% chance of survival, but if a woman is diagnosed at stage 1, her chances of survival are 90%. We fight to stop women dying by funding research into the development of a screening tool and better treatments so we can diagnose the disease at the earliest stage possible and save more lives.

It’s vital that women and GPs have the information they need to make life-saving decisions. We also work hard to raise awareness of the symptoms and campaign for genetic testing for high-risk families to stop women dying before their time.


Every year, the lives of over 50,000 men are turned upside down with a diagnosis of prostate, testicular or penile cancer. This is around 40 people every day, with two men dying each hour from prostate cancer. These numbers are only growing.

Our work includes world-class research into male-specific cancer, running education and awareness campaigns and delivering our nurse led services to the many men and their families whose lives have been affected by these cancers.

Over the last twelve months, our Orchid nurse has responded to over 2,000 enquiries by phone, email and face to face. Our research programme included the Orchid Tissue Bank, clinical research, molecular therapeutics, genetics, research into rare cancers, and encouraging young researchers into the field of male cancer through training and career development awards.

Oracle Cancer Trust

We are the leading charity dedicated to head and neck cancer research in the UK. Head and neck cancer is now the sixth most common cancer, and includes cancers of the mouth, throat, salivary and thyroid glands. Every 35 minutes in the UK someone is diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Every day nine people die from head and neck cancer.

Although head and neck cancers account for over 4% of cancer cases, it receives just 2.6% of overall major funding – a number which has been on the decrease for the last five years.

At Oracle, we improve cure rates by funding pioneering research into new treatments for head and neck cancers. As well as leading to a more positive prognosis, early diagnosis can also hugely improve the quality of life for patients with head and neck cancer, whose ability to speak, eat, drink, and taste are often affected.

Support these Cancer charities for free through Savoo this World Cancer Day

For any of these charities to continue doing the vital work they do, they rely either heavily or entirely on the generosity of donors and fundraisers. Your support could help any of these charities towards the next breakthrough. Remember, you can support any of these charities for free when you shop through Savoo. Find out more, or start supporting a charity for free.

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