World Homelessness Day and World Mental Health Day: Raise even more vital donations every time you save through Savoo

Today, Thursday 10th October, marks two of the most vital awareness days of the year – World Homelessness Day and World Mental Health Day. While we’re getting better at talking about these issues year on year, there’s still plenty more that needs to be done to face them head-on. This year, awareness events are taking place around the country, from community workshops for those affected to more traditional fundraising efforts like office bake-offs and gruelling sponsored runs.

We’ve teamed up with Shelter and Mind to give you an even easier way of raising crucial funds for these charities. Read on to find out how you can raise free donations simply by using a Savoo voucher code to save money on your online shopping. Then, we speak to both charities to look at the link between homelessness and mental health.

How can I raise free donations through Savoo?

Your donations for these two important charities are needed now more than ever. And at Savoo it’s never been easier to raise funds without spending a penny extra. From 1st to 31st October, we’ve teamed up with popular stationery brand Ryman on an exclusive Ryman voucher code that not only saves you money, but raises even more free donations for Shelter.

Why not give our free online search engine a go? Every search you make raises a penny for Shelter, Mind or whoever you decide to support. Just make sure you’re signed up to your chosen charity through the charity directory to start raising free money.

How does the campaign work?

Throughout October there will be two exclusive Ryman discount codes live. The first offer is ‘10% off 3+ Items at Ryman‘ and is live 1st to 14th October. The second offer is ‘£10 off when you spend £60’ and is live from 15th to 31st October. 3% of your order value will be donated directly to Shelter on your behalf when you use either of these deals to save. The best part? These donations won’t cost you a penny extra. So whether you’re stocking up on your favourite highlighters or need some chic new office furniture, make your purchases count towards a truly invaluable cause this October.

Homelessness: How big is the issue in the UK?

According to a 2018 report from Shelter, more than 320,000 people in Britain are classed as homeless – that’s one in every 200 people. As the crisis deepens, this is a number that continues to rise year on year. The term ‘homeless’ in this case includes sleeping on the streets, rough sleeping and living in temporary accommodation including B&Bs and hostels.

The situation worsens in the country’s biggest cities, including London, Birmingham and Manchester. The capital reported the highest levels of homelessness, with one in 52 people without somewhere to call home. Shelter’s report cites expensive rent, severe shortages of social housing and frozen house benefits as the major contributors.

What about mental health?

Leading mental health charity Mind estimates that one in four of us will experience a mental health issue this year. Plus, with instances of severe mental illness on the rise since the 90s, Mind’s work, along with other mental health charities is crucial now more than ever. Although more money has been earmarked by the government (£1.28billion more should be spent than was in 2015-16), mental health still remains the ‘poor cousin’ compared to spending on physical conditions. This is why your donations for charities like Mind are so important.

Is there a link between homelessness and mental health?

There’s most definitely evidence that suggests a considerable link between the two. It’s estimated that 44% of homeless people have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. The stressful nature and loneliness associated with being homeless are just a couple of factors majorly impacting the mental health of individuals. Leading charity Homeless Link also point out that suicide rates are nine times higher in homeless people.

There’s no better time to get involved with our campaign and start raising money for these causes at no extra cost or effort to you. Now you have all the info you need, all that’s left to do is check out our exclusive Ryman voucher codes and start saving and raising.

Want more information?

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  • Get more information about Shelter’s services and the issue of homelessness in the UK
  • Find out about Mind’s work and the help available for those living with mental health issues

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