Child Brain Injury Trust

The Child Brain Injury Trust's vision is for every child with a brain injury to achieve the best possible outcome.

Every 30 minutes, a child or young person will acquire a brain injury. This could be the result of an accident, an illness such as meningitis or encephalitis, a poisoning, a stroke or a brain tumour.

A brain injury stays with you for life and impacts on everything you think, feel and do. This charity supports children, young people, their families and professionals; helping people come to terms with what has happened and giving advice and support on how to deal with the uncertainties that the future may hold.

Did you know...

Each year, Child Brain Injury Trust helps around 5,000 people through a national helpline, Child and Family Support services (run by local coordinators), webinars (online presentations), publications, social opportunities and a small grants programme for financially disadvantaged families.

What makes the Child Brain Injury Trust different?

This was one of the first charities formed specifically to help children with acquired brain injury. Currently, Child Brain Injury Trust is the only UK charity to provide long-term support to any person aged 0-24, no matter the severity or cause of their injury. Their services are not means tested. They are a leading UK body in the field of childhood acquired brain injury.

In the UK there is a severe lack of non-clinical support available for families following a child with a brain injury's discharge from hospital. Child Brain Injury Trust aims to fill this gap by providing both emotional support and practical solutions. In 2015, 64% of people said that since using the charity's services, their entire families’ quality of life had improved.

Other ways to support

Helping to spread awareness of the long term impact of a brain injury is very important. Often referred to as an “invisible disability", 90% of children with a brain injury have no physical symptoms. This means that many of these children’s difficulties are attributed to the wrong cause and they do not get sufficient support.

By raising awareness in schools and the wider community, together we can ensure that children and families get the right support. Campaign weeks such as Action for Brain Injury Week and Be Seen Not Hurt are a great opportunity for the public to get involved and help raise awareness of brain injury.

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