Lymphoma Action

Lymphoma Action is the only UK charity solely focused on providing specialist lymphoma information and support - the most common cancer among young people aged 15-24 and the fifth most common cancer overall in the UK. Our aim is to make sure that no one has to face their lymphoma alone.

We do this by:

• Providing lymphoma specific information and support for anyone affected

• Raising awareness of lymphoma and its symptoms to encourage early diagnosis

• Running an education and training programme for healthcare professionals

• Representing patient and carer views to policy and decision makers

• Collaborating with health professionals and other charities and organisations

Did you know...

Every 28 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with lymphoma and around125,000 people in the UK are living with lymphoma. There are more than 60 different types of lymphoma and you can get it in any part of your body. The most common symptoms are lumps, persistent itching, fatigue, unexplained weight loss and drenching night sweats.

We provide extensive training and events for patients and health professional including Clinical Nurse Specialists, GP’s, pharmacists and consultants.

Our range of information and support services, from the telephone helpline through to the buddy scheme, are available to everyone affected by lymphoma whether you have a diagnosis, are a partner, family member, friend or carer.

What makes Lymphoma Action different

We are the only lymphoma specific charity in the UK. We provide specialist support and information so that no one is left alone with their diagnosis, treatment and ongoing support.

We help everyone more learn about lymphoma, how it affects them personally and what choices and decisions they can make.

We give hope and reassurance to everyone affected by lymphoma – people with the disease, their carers, their partners and their family and friends.

We bring about change in the lives and outcomes of people with lymphoma through being ambitious, passionate and determined to improve diagnosis, treatment and support.


3 Cromwell Court, New St
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Contact Number

01296 619435