Medaille Trust

Medaille Trust exists to provide refuge and freedom from modern slavery. They are currently the largest provider of supported safe house beds for victims of modern slavery in the UK and their specialist teams support clients 24/7 on the road to restoration and independence. The primary mission of the charity is the empowerment of women, men and children, who have been freed from the human-trafficking and the modern day slavery industry in the UK, enabling them to regain their dignity and self-worth

In addition to offering safe housing and providing support for victims, the charity raises awareness in communities and partners with law enforcement authorities.

The Medaille Trust works against the evils of human trafficking congregations in response to the plight of thousands of people who are being trafficked into the UK each year.

Did you know...

The Medaille Trust are advocates for the 3 P’s approach and are committed to work in partnership with other agencies to support this practice wherever we can.

Medaille Trust is the largest provider of supported safe house beds for victims of modern slavery in the UK.

Medaille Trust supported multiple victims of the largest modern slavery gang ever to be convicted in the UK.

Medaille Trust organises an annual international conference for law enforcement officers to improve anti-trafficking coordination across Europe.

PURSUE: Prosecute and disruption of individuals and groups responsible for human trafficking and modern slavery.

PREVENT: Prevent people from engaging in and being a victim of human trafficking and modern slavery

PROTECT: Strengthen safeguards against human trafficking and modern slavery by protecting vulnerable people from exploitation and increasing awareness of and resilience against this crime.

What makes the Medaille Trust different?

Their aim is to help educate in the definition of Human Trafficking; the effects of Human Trafficking and the different types of Human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime globally because the risk is low and the profit is high. When drugs have been sold and used – the transaction is finished. When a human is trafficked they can be bought and sold over and over again. It is estimated that 9 million people now trafficked globally and between 10,000 - 13,000 of those are exploited at any one time here in the UK.

This is serious and organised crime. It’s hugely profitable to those that exploit others. Its effects on victim’s can be devastating. We, as a society can all play our part in the eradication of Human Trafficking and it starts with education.

Important dates for your calender

31st July - World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

18th October - European Anti-Trafficking Day

8th Febuary - International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking

Other ways to support

There are loads of ways to get involved with Medaille Trust.


The Medaille Trust currently has a small team of Diocesan Representatives based around the UK. They are always wanting to expand their team and help spread the mission of The Medaille Trust through local communities in raising awareness of Human Trafficking.

If you are interested please visit their Jobs page for the full description and application form.


If you would like to find out more about the work of The Medaillle Trust, we can arrange to give a presentation at an event or parish.

To book a presentation please contact us via our contact us page.


The Medaille Trust can always use another pair of hands to help out.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us via our contact us page.


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