At Raystede we are passionate about the wellbeing of all animals and are committed to giving them the best possible life.

Did you know?

We rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and provide sanctuary to over 2000 unwanted and abandoned animals each year, ranging from goats, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, cats and hens. We have two lakes that are home to many breeds of wildfowl and a wildlife hospital that cares for wild animals throughout the year.

What makes Raystede different

Raystede is one of the most diverse animal welfare centres in the UK. Our Education Department play an integral part in delivering lessons and encouraging learning about animal welfare and wildlife here at Raystede and as Outreach Programmes. We have been giving animals a better life for 65 years

Other ways to support

Supporters can help Raystede in many ways:

• Give an animal a new and loving home • Becoming a Friend of Raystede and supporting us on a regular basis • Volunteering at Raystede • ‘Helping Hands’ corporate volunteering work groups • Taking part in many of the Challenge Events throughout the year • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


The Broyle, Ringmer

Contact Number

01825 840747