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Their fundamental pledge

COCO seeks to provide sustainable solutions to the problems preventing children in East Africa from accessing education.

COCO’s main programme is Schools for Life, which seeks to replicate the success of Hoja Secondary School in Tanzania. Graduates from Hoja Secondary have achieved the highest results of 181 schools in the region for the past four years. The school is also self-sustainable, meaning that the community will benefit from good quality education for years to come.

 Did you know...

COCO was co-founded by former Olympian, Steve Cram;

COCO operates in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda;

Graduates from the first ‘School for Life’ has achieved the highest results in the region for the past four years;

Now partnering with four communities to replicate this success;

Coco also distribute small loans and train farmers in sustainable agriculture, this increases household income and empowers parents to send their children to school

What makes Coco different

COCO is differentiated by our emphasis on sustainability. We aim to ensure that everything we do is sustainable in the long-term, so that any benefits continue for years to come.

 Other ways to support

COCO runs numerous fundraising events throughout the year, from balls and golf days to scaling Mount Kilimanjaro and cycling across Kenyan Maasailand!