About Savoo

The Savoo Search, Save & Raise Approach

Savoo always has, and always will be about trying to find consumers the very best deals and money saving offers on the internet. This, and offering a great experience to consumers, is something we’ll always be passionate about. But like all progressive businesses, we knew we couldn’t sit still for long and that is why we wanted to change and offer consumers more.

Savoo is still a voucher code and money-saving site, but we’ve now integrated a new, on-site search engine in collaboration with Bing, and we’ve called it ‘Savoo Search’.

But why a search engine, I hear you ask!

Well firstly, this isn’t just any search engine. Savoo now donates 1p to your chosen charity for every ‘Google search’ conducted on Savoo Search.

This concept came about when we asked our users and staff what they wanted to change about Savoo. And the overwhelming majority said: “we’d like to give something back; to make a difference to people who needed help”.

So we listened and created an easy to use donation platform, that championed ‘Passive Giving‘.

But wait, there’s more…

Of course, we still have all our deals, codes and offers, but we are now donating up to 50% of our affiliate commission to a charity of your choice. We’re calling this new and approved  business model – ‘Savoo Search, Save and Raise’.

And so in September 2015, Savoo Search, Save and Raise was born, and now Savoo is committed to establishing itself as the market leader for search and retail-based online fundraising. We’re still in the early phases of this huge change so please let us know if you have any comments or thoughts on how we can improve.


In keeping with our business changes, our philosophy has evolved. Of course, Savoo is committed to getting consumers the best price on everything they want or need to buy, but now we also want to be able to donate £1 million to charitable causes as soon as possible. Once we have done that, we want to donate £2 million in half the time it took us to donate £1 million.

Furthermore, Savoo wants to get involved with charities on a personal level, and help them outside of what we do with our online fundraising model. The Savoo team will be helping to fundraise offline and we’ll be spending time with all of the charities we work with to better understand how we can make a difference.

Check out the new Savoo blog for articles about what we’ve been up to.


Savoo Search, Save and Raise is currently only a UK-based fundraising platform. However, in time, we want to take this search and retail fundraising platform around the world via our other websites in France, Germany and all over. In short, Savoo wants to be able to help charities and people around the world – not just in the UK.

Social Media

We rely on social media to share our messages, promote our new charitable business, and to enable us to hear what you have to say.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.


Please tell us what you think by emailing contactus@savoo.co.uk