About Vouchers

An Introduction to Voucher Codes

The last few years has seen a boom in the use of voucher codes as cash-strapped Brits look for various ways to make their money stretch further. However, the concept is still relatively new in the UK and, for every person who knows exactly what they’re doing, there’s someone else who might need things explaining.

Finding the Best Bargains

Nowadays, most people know that the best bargains are to be found on the internet where the overheads of a physical store don’t have to be passed on to the customer so products are, in general, cheaper.

Not only that, shopping from the comfort of your armchair (or bed or kitchen table) means that you waste neither time nor money on travel, parking and, as is often the case, stopping off and paying over the odds for a quick cuppa and a sticky bun.

Savvy shoppers have already worked all this out and go one step further to research whatever it is they’re thinking of buying to a) make sure it’s worth the money and b)find which online shop is selling it the cheapest.

You’re already quids in at this stage so where do voucher codes help?

Discounts on top of discounts

Quite literally, finding a voucher code that relates to either the product you want to buy or the shop you want to buy it from is like getting a discount on top of the savings you’ve already made by shopping online. A voucher code can be as simple as getting money off your purchase or a set percentage of the price being reduced at checkout.

Other voucher codes can include free delivery, free gifts with your purchase, BOGOFs (Buy One Get One Free) and future discounts.

So what is a Voucher Code?

Retailers have always known that the best way to build up a loyal clientele is to entice them in with special offers. With the advent of internet shopping, stores wanted to offer the same discounts to their online customers and so the voucher code was born.

Essentially, a voucher code is a string of letters and numbers that you enter during the checkout process when you’re buying something. They may or may not make sense to you but the retailer’s checkout process recognises them and adjusts your final bill to reflect whatever offer you’ve entered.

Savoo Voucher Codes

Here at Savoo we have all the best voucher codes in one place so you don’t have to hunt through hundreds of websites to find the best offer for what you’re buying. It doesn’t even matter what you’re shopping for because we have an extensive range of vouchers on just about anything you can imagine and then some.

So, take a look around to find a voucher code for your favourite brands and retailers, insert it when you’re making your way through the checkout and watch the savings add up.