Our charity concept

As of 2015 we launched the Savoo Search Save and Raise concept. Since then we’ve partnered up with over 300 UK-based charities who we donate to on your behalf every time you use one of our discount codes or deals. The charities we work with range from those known nationally including Mind, RSPCA, and Marie Curie, as well as smaller, local charities too.

The way it works is simple. For every purchase you make through one of our discount codes or deals, we receive a percentage back from the retailer as commission – sort of as a little thanks for generating traffic and sales on their website.

When you sign up at Savoo, you’ll be given the chance to support one of our charities from our charity directory. The next time you purchase something using a discount code or deal from Savoo, we donate up to half of that commission to your charity of choice on your behalf. Additionally, you can also use our Bing-powered search engine to search the web. Every time you use it we will donate a penny to your chosen charity.

That’s it – there’s no catch – you really can donate to a charity at no extra effort or cost to you. To get started, just head to our charity directory and find a charity you want to support. Once you’ve clicked ‘support this charity’ we’ll just need your name and email address and then you can start shopping, searching, and raising money for charity. There are already over 20,000 people choosing to support a charity for free through Savoo – why not join them?

Savoo charity

As of September 2017, we also launched our Savoo B2B Giving concept, with the aim of helping UK businesses improve their public image and corporate social responsibility programme by supporting a charity through Savoo.

The way it works is pretty similar to our usual ‘Search Save and Raise’ concept – companies can save on their business purchases such as train tickets, office supplies, computers and more when they shop through Savoo and use a discount code or deal. We then donate up to 50 percent of our commission to their chosen charity on their behalf.

Not only will they be giving back to charity for free, but it also strengthens their brand image and affirms them as a socially-conscious business. It could also lead to PR opportunities and improved staff engagement too. For more information, visit the Savoo B2B Giving page.