Yasmeen Lubbock

Yasmeen Lubbock

Head of International Partnerships

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Yasmeen Lubbock is the Head of International Partnerships at Savoo. She’s been a leading money-saving expert behind the scenes at Savoo for thirteen years; working with key merchants like Donald Russell, Abel & Cole, and Waitrose to offer the best plans and packages for our users.

Having parents who owned cafes, bars and restaurants, Yaz was exposed to the inner workings of the food industry from a very young age. Growing up half-Arabic in the North of England meant that by the time she was old enough to cook for herself, she had a deep understanding and love for an assortment of cuisines. This passion for cuisine has manifested in a strong interest in food and wine, with a focus on nutrition.

Beef wellington

Yasmeen's beef wellington

Combining her knowledge of discount codes with her passion for food and wine, Yaz has a lot to say when it comes to helping our users get a better price on groceries and dining experiences, while not sacrificing quality or flavour.

Yaz says,

"You’ll find my savings tips all over our food and drink discount pages, but my main tip for saving is to always check the ‘price per kilo’ to find the best grocery prices at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons. For dining out, my go-to is Opentable for making dinner reservations and I’d recommend the same for anyone looking for the best price."

(You might also spot tips from Yaz on some of our health pages like MuscleFood, as her knowledge of food has expanded into the more scientific world of nutrition. Having done ZOE nutrition, she has a keen interest in understanding the impact of food on the body).

Outside of the office you’re likely to find Yaz completing cooking courses, which have been her focus of the previous two years. Yaz has completed Level 2 of the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), and takes regular evening courses at Leiths which was voted one of the top 10 cookery schools in the UK. She also has her Level 1 in Food Safety and Hygiene.

Yasmeen Lubbock Leith's certificates for cooking part 1 and part 2

Yasmeen's cooking school qualifications

You may also find Yaz volunteering with The Felix Project: a charity that takes surplus food waste and creates meals to be sent to local food charities and schools. She says “There is something guttural about food insecurity; every person can imagine how it must feel to be in that situation."

Lastly (and most importantly for the rest of the Savoo team) Yaz is the main supplier of homemade treats for the office.

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