It Sucks: Powerful Vacuum Cleaners Banned by the EU

We have sad news for everyone who hates spending hours hoovering their house. You officially have just five days left to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner before they are completely banned from being sold in Europe. Why? Because the EU says so!

So to save you from a lifetime of inefficient vacuuming, we have rounded up the best performing models which are soon to be banned. Better get a move on though- once they’ve gone they’ve gone.

What are the new rules?

From September 1st, all companies in the EU will be banned from making or importing vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts. This is to help tackle climate change.

But considering the average vacuum motor currently stands at 1800 watts, people are worrying how effective the remaining models will be. In one recent Which? study, five of the top seven cleaners had motors above that threshold.

And the manufacturers are not happy either. Hoover has said that most of its products are above 1600 watts, and even Dyson is challenging the directive- despite none of its models being affected.

But if you think that’s bad, wait until 2017- vacuums will be limited to less than 900 watts.

The advice? “If you’re in the market for a powerful vacuum, you should act quickly, before all of the models currently available sell out”- Which?

So which model do I buy?

Here are four popular vacuum cleaners which will soon no longer be available- we did have five, but our top choice (2100 watt Morphy Richards 73411) is already out of stock everywhere.

Hoover Spirit TSP2101: With a powerful 2100 W motor, this bagless model will give your home an intensive clean. Order from Currys for £64.99.


Miele S5281: At 2200 W, the Miele is small but packs a punch, with adjustable suction power for different floors. Appliance World is still stocking the Miele for £275.04.


Samsung CycloneForce Sensor: Already sold out in John Lewis, the Samsung CycloneForce Sensor boasts a 2100 W motor and weighs just 5.5 kg. Pick up from Currys for £109.99.


Bosch BSG8PRO1: You will have to go the to get your hands on an 1800 W Bosch for £299.



Save Money

Remember, you can always pick up a bargain using one of our vacuum cleaner voucher codes, including:

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What are your thoughts on the new EU directive? Do you think it will help vacuum cleaners become more efficient, or is it simply a blow for house-proud Brits? Get in touch!

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