10 Days of Christmas Cocktails

It’s Christmas next week. That’s right, NEXT WEEK: in nine days to be precise. And we reckon there’s no better way to countdown to the big day than with a different Christmas cocktail each evening.

So here we’ve compiled our top 10 festive recipes from around the web (and there’s even one for Boxing Day too!).

Day 1: Mulled wine

Kick off your Christmas countdown with Jamie’s Mulled Wine Recipe- it’s simple to make and tastes like Christmas in a glass.


Day 2: Winter Pimms

Pimm’s in the winter? Absolutely! Add some brandy for a delicious winter treat, recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food.


Day 3: Espresso martini

Espresso, vodka and Kahlua- what’s not to love about this Espresso martini recipe from the Telegraph?


Day 4: White Cosmopolitan

Martha Stewart’s White Cosmopolitan is a twist on the classic, using white cranberry juice instead of the traditional red.


Day 5: Eggnog

Whether you love or hate eggnog, it is worth trying Jamie Oliver’s self-proclaimed ‘best eggnog recipe in the world‘.


Day 6: Hot Toddy

Suffering from the winter flu or just feeling like you need a pick-me-up? This Hot Toddy recipe will do the trick.


Day 7: Blood Orange Mimosa                      

The orange juice in this recipe makes it perfectly acceptable to have a cocktail for breakfast- it’s practically one of your five a day.


Christmas Eve: Irish Coffee

It’s Christmas Eve and time for indulging in this BBC Good Food Irish Coffee recipe.


Christmas Day: Snowball

Snowballs may have gone slightly out of fashion since the 70s, but Nigella’s recipe will certainly go down a treat with granny.


Boxing Day: Bloody Mary

Hungover on Boxing Day? Only a Bloody Mary will do!


Which of these is your favourite Christmas cocktail?


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