Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Each Love Language

If you want to make Valentine’s Day extra special for your other half this year, it’s well worth paying attention to their love language before coming up with the all-important Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Since the 1992 release of Gary Chapman’s book, titled ‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate‘, love languages are often the topic of conversation when it comes to understanding how you and your partner give and receive love. 


If you’ve ever noticed that your efforts to make your partner feel loved have otherwise gone unnoticed, it’s likely that you have different love languages. For example, you bring your partner’s favourite chocolates home from work, but they aren’t accepted particularly well – a result of them having to carry the weight of the household chores for the past few days. In this scenario, according to Chapman’s book, it’s likely a conflict of differing love languages – those being receiving gifts and acts of service


‘If you’re not sure what they mean, then it’s always fine to ask directly so there’s no confusion. Partners aren’t mind readers, so if someone is confused about what messages you’re sending out, then help them out by being clearer about what you want from them.’     – Sarah Bridge, writer and relationships expert. 


And, while this situation may sound like it has an easy fix. It often does. The power is simply understanding your partner’s needs, necessary for a healthy and happy relationship. It’s common that people often express love to their partner in the way they receive it. So, while receiving the chocolates may do it for you, your partner really just wants you to pick up the hoover and give them an evening off. That’s where the 5 love languages come to play, and the importance of weeding out your own.


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So, can you speak different love languages and still be compatible?


Since gaining prevalence on social media in recent years, the love languages are used to express how people can often opposingly show and feel love from their significant other. 


As the subject has been more and more topical, the intention of these divisions is often misconstrued. Love languages were never meant to convey compatibility, as it’s actually completely possible to have a healthy relationship where both partners have different love languages. Instead, Chapman wrote his book with the intention of helping couples better understand how each other functions in relation to feeling and expressing love. 


During the early stages is when you’ll learn a lot about your partner in a short space of time. When you’re figuring out compatibility and communication it’s inevitable that you might make a few wrong turns along the way. Sarah Bridge goes on to tell us that ‘it’s difficult to tread the balance between giving too much and giving too little in the early stages of a relationship as you don’t want to bombard a new partner with demands but equally you want to feel loved and cherished. I find that the more you put into a relationship, the more you should get out, so don’t be afraid to show someone how you feel early on and what makes you happy, and that you’re interested in making them happy too.’ In all, communication is key for compatibility. As long as you’re ensuring your partner feels loved in a way that works for them, differing love languages shouldn’t matter.  


For those who aren’t yet sure where their love lies, there’s a free love languages quiz available online to help you strengthen your own connections. Why not take the quiz with your partner in the run-up to Valentine’s Day 2023 to ensure you plan the perfect date-night from start to finish. With these Valentine’s Day gift ideas, curated with each of the five love languages in mind, it’s easy to ensure your partner feels understood, loved and appreciated. 


In the meantime, here’s a quick insight into what you can expect to learn about the various languages of love: 


The 5 Love Languages 

  1. Acts of Service – For those who feel ‘actions speak louder than words’. 
  2. Receiving Gifts – For those who love receiving thoughtful gifts from their other half.
  3. Quality Time – For those who cherish alone time and precious moments with their special someone.
  4. Words of Affirmation – For those who love hearing how their partner feels about them.
  5. Physical Touch – For those who love to have their significant other in close proximity. 


So, now you have a better idea on your partner’s love language, it’s likely you’ll be pondering possible gifts or special treats for Valentine’s Day this year. To make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a gift guide to ensure you head in the right direction. No matter how your partner expresses and feels love and affection, find the perfect gift to ensure they feel nothing but understood and appreciated once the big day arrives. 


Whether you tend to splurge the big bucks on Valentine’s Day, or keep the budget tight – opting for more thoughtful and token presents instead, you’re sure to find something to suit everyone from our selection. 

Words of Affirmation 


What is the words of affirmation love language? 

Love hearing those three special words? If frequent ‘I love you’s’, and any other verbal forms of appreciation and affection are what keep you going, words of affirmation are essential for your relationship being a successful one. Sometimes it’s nice to physically hear how your other half feels about you. That way, there’s no room for confusion or second guessing when the horse’s mouth is doing all the talking. If they’re not always around for some verbal affection, oftentimes, regular texting or calling will be up your alley too! 


According to Women’s Health Mag, the words of affirmation love language is way more than just ‘fishing for compliments’, instead, it should be understood as feeling assured and comforted in the fact that your partner thinks highly of you and is open enough to express how they feel. 


If your partner best responds to sweet and tender words, choosing them the perfect gift to suit their words of affirmation may feel virtually impossible. For those who already provide plenty of emotional support and regular declarations of love, it’s likely your words of affirmation partner will already feel fulfilled in the way you’re expressing love to them. 


However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t find them the perfect gift to ensure Valentine’s Day 2023 is extra special. If words are what means the most to your partner, we have the perfect gift ideas to place your proclamation at the forefront of your present to ensure your message remains centre of attention this Valentine’s Day. 


What are the best gifts for words of affirmation love language?



Buy them a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and don’t forget to include a sweet message

For a foolproof gift that works every time, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. While it may seem like a classic choice, or something you may already treat your special someone to on spontaneous occasions, a stunning selection of flowers is often the perfect way to affirm your love through words, gesture and meaning. 


At Bunches, there’s an entire selection of Valentine’s Flowers to nudge you in the right direction for the occasion. Valentine’s flowers tend to be slightly pricier than the year-round range, so why not browse the full collection of Bunches flowers if a classic bouquet of red roses isn’t your other half’s cup of tea anyway? Choosing an alternative bunch, such as tulips or lilies, may even represent more thoughtfulness in your choice by straying from convention and gifting their favourite bloom instead. 


While flowers may seem like a conventional choice, ensure they know just how much they mean to you by including a message card. Bunches display your accompanying words on a free small card, so you don’t have to pay any extra! If you do want a more premium experience, upgrade to a full-size greeting card for just £2.25. 


If the selection available at Bunches isn’t catching your attention, you can also get up to 25% off selected bouquets with an Appleyard Flowers discount code or £10 off orders with a Bloom and Wild discount code



Fill a card with your loving words 

You don’t always have to splash the cash on Valentine’s Day for your partner to feel loved. Some people simply see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to express your affection rather than gifting luxury items with monetary value. Whether you’re the type of couple to go all out on pressies or just exchange cards – it’s likely the latter will mean more to your words of affirmation-loving partner. 


While it’s easy to pop to your local supermarket, such as Sainsbury’s or Tesco to pick up a Valentine’s Day card, why not go the extra mile while treating your other half to a more personal touch. Use a Moonpig discount code from our page to save money on the collection of personalised Valentine’s photo cards. Ranging from just £2.90 to £6.10 depending on card size, you don’t have to spend a lot to create the perfect canvas for your words. Add photos of your most cherished memories together, and don’t forget to include an ode in their honour. 


If you’re looking for an even more affordable option, Card Factory is another fantastic option for Valentine’s Day. Although Valentine’s cards start from just 99p at the highstreet card specialist, it’s easy to make a gift priceless with your words alone! 



Feeling crafty? Make your own love jar 

For those who have some artistic skills on their side, Valentine’s Day is often the perfect opportunity to impress with your creative streak. There’s nothing that screams words of affirmation quite like a love jar, and what better time to put one together? 


If you want a perfectly assembled love jar to avoid any crafting sessions gone wrong, just like the one available in Not On The High Street’s collection of Valentine’s gifts, all you need to complete your gift is some strips of paper and a pen – super affordable yet thoughtful if you ask us! With this jar, you have a few personalisation options to make it extra special. Add a message and name to the lid of your jar, and write all the things you love most about your partner for them to open each day throughout February – the month of all things love! 


Otherwise, give it your best shot of creating a wholly personalised version from start to finish. You can pick up a simple storage jar from somewhere like Hobbycraft for a fraction of the price. Complete your creation with a ribbon around the neck of your jar, some love heart embellishments to stick on your creation, and your all-important affirmative notes to stuff inside. 


For those unsure of where to start and how to go about decorating your own love jar, you’ll find plenty of tutorials on the Hobbycraft YouTube channel: 


If you’re searching for some other crafty Valentine’s gift ideas, Hobbycraft have a range of ‘how to make’ inspiration guides – perfect for helping you along the way. To satisfy both the foodie and words of affirmation-lover in your life, we recommend the How to Make Love Heart Biscuits set of instructions for a taste of delicious affection and appreciation.


Quality Time 


What is the quality time love language? 


Undivided attention and dedicated one-on-one time will often mean the most to you if your love language is quality time. Your partner actively wanting to spend time with you, always being up for hanging out, not checking their phone during your time together, or showing they’re really listening to you while you’re talking will all be vital efforts for those who value quality time. 


Again, the quality time love language may not necessarily call for any gift at all, let alone any big and extravagant things you may have in mind. If your partner values special moments and one-on-one interactions, quality time-approved gifts can come in all shapes and sizes – to suit any budget too. 


For those who do want to pencil in some alone time in the diary for Valentine’s Day 2023, we have the perfect Valentine’s gift ideas to ensure this quality time will be one to remember! 


What are the best gifts for quality time love language? 



Book a day out 

For quality time done right this Valentine’s Day, lend some help from Buyagift to plan the perfect date night from start to finish. Whether you’re on the hunt for Buyagift experience days for him or for her, why not ensure you have double the fun with a couples packaged experience box. According to Psychology Today, licensed couples counsellor, Kari Rusnak, claims that ‘couples that report higher relationship satisfaction also report making more time to have fun together’, going on to continue that making time for each other in a leisurely sense helps to strengthen connections, and create a positive perspective in which you view your partner. 


If you can’t quite decide on a Buyagift experience day due to the vast selection on offer, the Fun Together Experience Box allows you to choose from over 2000 activities, all designed to provide the perfect day out for a couple. For just £49.99, enjoy everything from relaxation to exhilaration or even a luxury meal out. There’s something for everyone at Buyagift. Whether you plan to enjoy afternoon tea for two or a Harry Potter walking tour – you won’t be stuck for choice. For those who’ve spotted an experience day that tickles their fancy on alternative sites, such as Red Letter Days and Virgin Experience Days – you’ll always find a way to save money at Savoo.


While Buyagift provides plenty of opportunities to save on a trip to the theatre, it’s often worth checking prices and booking direct through an official theatre ticket source to bag low prices on all your must-see West End shows. Use our Theatre Tickets Direct discount code to redeem savings on all the top shows, including Matilda The Musical, The Lion King, and more! Complete your evening with dinner and drinks in London for quality time you’re guaranteed to cherish. 



Enjoy a relaxing couples spa experience 

Whether you have a family of your own and alone time has steadily gotten less common, you fancy escaping the city, or typically live a fast-paced life, desperately in need of some time winding down – a couples spa experience is a great way to put a smile on your quality time-loving partner. Think dark rooms, the warm glow of candlelight, massage oils, incense and the cosiest fluffy robe. There’s often nothing more intimate and relaxing than booking a couples massage to unravel with your other half. 


The 1 Night Spa Break available through SpaSeekers proves you don’t even need to travel far to escape the bustle of the inner-city. Available at the central London location, Paddington, this experience is the ‘ultimate lovers’ getaway’. Including one 60 minute treatment, overnight accommodation, prosecco on arrival, a three-course dinner and breakfast in the morning, use of the leisure facilities, plus complimentary use of towels, robes and slippers – booking a Valentine’s spa package is the ultimate romantic treat. 


Book some treatments using our Spaseekers discount code to save 7% on orders or £10 off orders over £250. If you fancy making a trip of it, allowing enough time to enjoy all the facilities, why not extend your stay for recurring wellness therapies. SpaBreaks offers get deals on 2-night spa visits, and you can enjoy an extra 5% or £5 off bookings with a discount code from us. 



Go on a UK short break or overnight hotel stay away 

If alone time is often hard to come by, why not extend your Valentine’s date plans and make the most of each other’s coming during a romantic weekend break. Perfect for those with a slightly larger Valentine’s budget, why not really secure your quality time by whisking your other half away for an entirely new experience. 


Whether your relationship is filled with adventure and you plan to venture into the great outdoors on a hiking or camping trip, you fancy exploring the cuisine and culture of a new city or you want to forget about the rest of the world in a romantic cabin or cottage for two – quality time is often even more special when away from home and revelling in new places, landscapes and encounters. 


Sykes Cottages has an entire selection of accommodation tailor-made for romantic getaways. Head to the ‘Holiday Occasions’ tab on the Sykes website and then select ‘Valentine’s Weekend’ to narrow down your search. Valentine’s breaks commonly include secluded cottages for ultimate quality time, accommodation with a hot tub or a log cabin for complete cosiness. 


If country dwelling isn’t your thing, Apex Hotels is the perfect option for affordable luxury. With nine branches across the UK in some of the most popular destinations, such as London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bath and more, why not visit Edinburgh Castle or The Roman Baths on Valentine’s weekend to tick things off your dual bucket list. 


Physical Touch


What is the physical touch love language?


If there’s nothing better than being completely surrounded by the one you love, physical touch might just be your love language. Consensual physical intimacy between partners does wonders for serving as a ‘powerful emotional connector‘; working to strengthen bonds through body language and material actions entirely. From kissing to cuddling and hand holding – these physical interactions are likely to make you feel closer than ever to your partner. 


Sometimes mistaken to be solely about sex (although this is often an essential feature), physical touch is one of the more misunderstood love languages. Physical touch is about more than the overt and obvious ways of being close to your partner, and can even span to the small arm touches you give them when out together in public.


If your significant other’s love language is physical touch, it is likely you’ll be used to carving out moments to be close throughout the week. On Valentine’s Day, up the ante by enhancing those physical touches to include all five senses. Turn cuddles on the sofa into a relaxing foot massage using scented oil, or initiate physical closeness in the bedroom using lingerie, sex toys and equipment.


What are the best gift ideas for physical touch love language?




Initiating physical intimacy through intent is a great way to start, whether by buying them lingerie or purchasing some for yourself with the intent to show it off. And of course, when it comes to touch, lingerie companies have it down to a science. From tactile materials to easy-on-the-eye colours and flattering shapes, Bluebella’s Valentine’s Day lingerie range is in our top spot. For something bang-on for Valentine’s, the Valentina bra and lingerie set will get hearts fluttering in either red or black. For a design a little less on the nose (sans hearts), play it safe with the best-selling Bluebella Marseille collection featuring bras, harnesses and suspenders.


Looking for bigger sizes? Find plus size lingerie at Brastop (sizes D-K) in the Brastop Valentine’s collection. Starring Curvy Kate, Ann Summers, Flirtelle and more, figure-embelishing lingerie has never been easier to get your hands on. Another option is to head directly to the Ann Summers Valentine’s collection to shop your lingerie, fancy dress, and sex essentials all in one place.




Treat them to an evening in. Whether revival or relaxation is the goal, think body oils and massage tools: you’ll be in their good books before you can say Shiatsu. You’ll find thousands of resources online (such as the video below), and if you’re feeling particularly generous you can practice your pressure techniques on yourself beforehand.

This Works is known for its soothing scents that’ll have you unravelled in an instant. Try the Deep Sleep Night Oil if what they need most is a relaxing night’s sleep (likely, since Valentine’s Day 2023 is on a weekday), or head to Lookfantastic to discover more brands, purchase your top three faves, and let them choose the oil themselves on the night. 


Want to try something other than your own two hands? Pick up an ultra-popular deep tissue massage gun. The Therabody Elite 4th Gen is the best value with 120 minutes of continuous battery life meaning you can treat them to a real pampering experience. Grab a Therabody discount code like £10 off spends over £50, or choose a more budget-friendly version available at Lookfantastic: by buying both your oil and tools there you’ll save yourself one extra lot of shipping costs. Use a Lookfantastic discount code to double down on those savings. 

Acts of Service


What is the acts of service love language?


No matter what you heard from that friend over drinks, it’s not just thinly-disguised laziness! At its core, acts of service boils down to demonstrations of love through helpful actions that show an understanding of your partner’s time and priorities. 


If your love language is acts of service, it’s likely you’ll feel most valued when your partner is going out of their way to make your life easier. From bringing you some soup when you feel under the weather, running your errands to save you leaving the house on a cold day, or doing the Sunday chores to give you a day of relaxation – whether a small or large task, you’ll feel appreciated either way! 


While it can sound chore-adjacent, the key to keeping acts of service from becoming tedious is only doing things because you genuinely want to help. Acts of service should stem from love, not obligation; this shows your S.O. that they have your attention and that you are willing to devote your time to what is best for them. Otherwise you’re at risk of falling into what is known as “scorekeeping”: an absolute ‘no’ according to Jennifer Seip (a couples and sex therapist) in conversation with Women’s Health Magazine.


What are the best gift ideas for acts of service love language?



Cook them a romantic meal

You can’t go wrong taking responsibility for the night’s dinner, and how better to wine and dine your acts of service-loving partner than popping that apron on and flexing your culinary skills? This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, so off the back of a long day at work this can be the perfect time to help them take the weight off.


Start with fresh ingredients, and always go simple if you’re not the most confident chef. There’ll be plenty of tutorials online to choose from, like this guide to the perfect steak from Tom Hixson:


If you do choose to follow the above tutorial, we have Tom Hixson discount codes for your low-cost, high-quality steak. Something else on the menu? Grab your virtual shopping bags and head to your supermarket of choice armed with a Sainsbury’s voucher to get your ingredients for less. Finishing touches like flowers and candles for the table can make all the difference and are widely available at supermarkets around Valentine’s Day. 


Don’t forget the drinks too: check out wine offers at Laithwaites like our exclusive £40 off + free delivery code, and deals on beer at Beerwulf



Run them a bath 

Filling up a tub and allowing them to take the weight off (either with or without you) is a wonderful way to help your S.O. destress. Level up your bath game (and Valentine’s game) by adding a luxe bubble bath in their favourite scent: Molton Brown are heavyweights in the bathing scene so peruse their popular fragrances like long-running favourite Black Pepper or occasion-worthy Rose Dunes. Other popular bath additions include salts and oils, as well as decorative tea lights and petals. Salts and oils can be found at Neal’s Yard: check for a discount code here before paying.



Book that holiday you’ve been planning

Living in the real world means we can’t rely on a Fairy Godmother to turn our dreams into a reality. Luckily for those of you who’ve been fantasising about your dream holiday with your significant other, this is your chance to put on that shining armour and not only book them the trip of a lifetime, but hit the nail on the head in in terms of their love language. By taking on the main part of planning and booking, you’ll take a load off their plate while giving you both something exciting to look forward to in the coming year. 


In our recent study, the most affordable destinations for an all-inclusive holiday, Agadir in Morocco was found to be the cheapest all-inclusive holiday destination. Alongside TUI’s discounts for couples’ holidays, you can filter your search by ‘Romantic Hotels’, ‘Adult-Only Hotels’, and of course by ‘Destination’: the perfect way to keep it friendly on the budget.

Gift giving


What is the gift giving love language?


If you feel most loved after receiving a thoughtful gift from your partner, it’s likely that this is your primary love language. Described as ‘visual symbols of love‘ by author Chapman, it’s often not about monetary-value, but the sentiment. A simple bunch of flowers on the way home from work to show they were thinking of you throughout the day, or a token present with a personal backstory will often do the trick. 


Giving gifts on Valentine’s Day is a granted, so you might feel as though you’ve hit the jackpot if this is your S.O.’s love language. But you shouldn’t take this as your chance to slack off with the same old teddy-and-chocolate schtick. “The gift has to provide special meaning to the person,” said author of Writing with Love, Ashley Starwood, in conversation with Cosmopolitan. If you want to make a grand gesture and are unsure where to start, think about the following and start drafting a list of ideas:


  • Hobbies of your partner
  • Items they use every day 
  • An inside joke the two of you share
  • A recall to, or part two of, a previous (successful) gift
  • Something with sentimental value (e.g. something that reminds you both of your first date/ the first time you met)


If you don’t consider yourself creative enough to make the gift yourself, there are plenty of options out there (find three thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas below), as well as plenty of discount codes here at Savoo to help you save.


What are the best gift ideas for gift giving love language?



Pre-loved designer

We love Hardly Ever Worn it for luxury and designer goods that will impress your partner without costing you the full month’s rent. When shopping for the fashion-conscious love of your life, from Loewe to Hermes, Gucci to Rolex, find the ultimate forever addition to their wardrobe. Jewellery, clothing and shoes are all excellent choices, but our number one pick when looking to score a real winner are any number of the designer handbags on offer. Wear your heart on your sleeve (or bag) with Marc Jacobs bag The Box Heart Intarsia Cross-Body. Browse other totes, clutches and purses on offer from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Balenciaga and look out for the grey RRP and pink Never Worn stickers to see just how much you’re saving by shopping pre-loved.



Romance in red

When we think of love we think of the colour red, and scientists have the studies to back up why red has claimed its confident title as the colour of seduction. In heterosexual relationships it has been proven that men find women in red more attractive (which in turn is likely to inform relationships between other genders). Maybe she wore red on your first date, maybe they love experimenting with a bold colour palette, or maybe he just loves seeing you in red. Whatever the reason, a red lipstick is a classic choice for those whether you’re looking to seduce or to be seduced. A great choice to make this gift even more meaningful is to opt for the Estee Lauder lipstick Pure Color Envy. For just a £5 charge you can get it engraved with a word or initials for that extra personalised touch.



Keep it timeless

A signature watch is a timeless gift. Meaningful and useful in equal measures, you can personalise your choice to suit their lifestyle: waterproof and collision-proof for those active partners, and heirloom-worthy timepieces for the S.O. who is into their accessories. While we like the Citizen Chronograph Men’s Bracelet Watch, H Samuel has plenty of watch offers in their Valentine’s Sale with even more options from Seiko, Casio and G-Shock at up to 50% off. This is going to be that every day staple that has them thinking about you time and time again.



You can find even more discounts and vouchers to help you save money on Valentine’s Day gift ideas here at Savoo. Don’t forget to enter our Valentine’s Day competition over on the Savoo UK Instagram and Facebook to be in with the chance of winning a £50 gift card for any of the retailers mentioned in this article. 

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