22 things we all miss about being students

Yes, being a grown-up is fun because we have disposable income and stability and what not (yawn), but come on, wasn’t university such a bloomin’ hoot?

Here’s 22 things we all miss about the student life.

  1. Making cocktails. And when I say cocktails I mean squash mixed with whatever leftovers were still gathering dust in the corner from the last house party. Vodka, gin, apple sourz and orange and mango squash cocktail anyone? Yum.
  2. And making said cocktails in whatever large objects you could find. Maybe a saucepan, maybe a bucket, maybe a measuring jug. Lolz.
  3. Being on first name terms and having jokes with the local shopkeeper. Oh you guys, letting me off 20p for my milk.
  4. Believing that a t-shirt, pair of see-through leggings, university hoodie and fake UGG boots was a chic outfit choice every single blinkin’ day.
  5. LOAN DAY. Oh hello, sweet four figure number in my available bank balance. Note the ‘available’, because the actual balance said -£2000. Cute.
  6. Spending said loan day like an absolute maniac. Lunch in Nando’s, an actual basket full of clothes in Primark and real Smirnoff vodka for pre-drinks. You bazillionaire, you.
  7. Having summer holidays that were four months long. Hey, you needed that break, those all-nighters in the library were painful and tiring.
  8. And a Christmas holiday that was a month long – so much time for mulled wine, Home Alone and lazing about at your parent’s warm home with all its heavenly free central heating.
  9. Communicating with friends mostly via Facebook Chat or BBM Messenger. Because you were down with the kids and rocked a Blackberry, obvs.
  10. Dedicating entire days to Facebook stalking whilst lying on your bed in your pyjamas (and a hoodie, scarf, socks and hat – because, y’know, cold).
  11. Food shopping being an exciting group activity done with the one friend who had a car. Rather than being a sad, lonely, expensive experience in your local Tesco Express on the way home from work in the rain.
  12. It being acceptable to stock up on 18p noodles and four for a £1 Batchelor’s Pasta ‘N’ Sauce sachets that you could just whip up in a pan. Bargain.
  13. And only ever eating out if it was a Wednesday in Pizza Express or you’d found a voucher code online for either La Tasca, Zizzi, ASK or Prezzo. AKA the only restaurants that offer discount. There’s only so many fancy pizzas you can eat. Sob.
  14. Having an 11am lecture called off at the last minute and all heading to the SU for £2 pints for brunch. Now that would be called alcoholism, then it was called sweet, sweet heaven.
  15. 0% overdrafts. Just, 0% overdrafts.
  16. The absolute joy upon opening the fridge when heading home for the weekend. So much meat, so much cheese, so much happiness. All the food, just all the food.
  17. Having a 3am bedtime and a 12pm wake-up time. Dreamy.
  18. NUS student cards. But mostly when New Look offered 20% discount. ‘Thank you, kind sir. I’ll take ALL of the shoes.’
  19. Wasting entire days waiting for your MegaVideo allowance to come back so you could watch Gossip Girl.
  20. Needing only a tenner for a night out. Thank goodness for £1 shots and £1.50 bottles of VK.
  21. Going out on a Monday night and feeling like a champion. Cheap drinks, no weird old men AND no Monday blues. Huzzah!
  22. Having an abundance of friends that lived within a five minute walk.

Oh further education, you sweet sweet darling, never stop making dreams happen <3

Hannah is a lifestyle writer for Metro.co.uk as well as a blogger for her own site aimed at twenty something women. She likes cats, McDonalds and writing lists.

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