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Our Pet Month Campaign

National Pet Month (NPM) is the globally recognised celebration of responsible pet ownership.
This year we’re donating to the Blue Cross pet charity on all orders placed with our featured brands for the month of April: that’s 2% of the revenue generated through sales from, James Wellbeloved and more! You’ll also have the chance to win a £100 gift voucher to any of our pet retailers via our Facebook and Instagram channels.

Woman holding cat. Text reads: Pets change lives, We change theirs

Pets change lives image from Blue Cross

Pet care statistics from the Cost of Living crisis

This year, our focus is on the wellbeing of city pets during the cost of living squeeze. Pets can be an expensive undertaking. Just how expensive is it to keep a pet? Well, our research “The Price of Pet Ownership” shows that an average dog owner can expect to spend £17,848 over its lifetime, while for cat lovers this total is a huge £23,077!

If these extra costs are leaving you relying on the pennies to get by, you’re not alone. A study from the Dogs Trust run via YouGov in 2022 found that the cost of care is a prevalent and increasing concern for pet owners, with 48% saying they predict to find it more difficult to care for their four-legged friends now, than before the cost of living crisis.


As part of their care guide, the Blue Cross have been working around the clock to provide care for pets whose owners are struggling financially due to cost of living struggles and rising inflation.


Every year during National Pet Month, pet owners are reminded to act responsibly when caring for their pets, from giving them the right food to enough mental stimulation for their general wellbeing. It is estimated by the RSPCA that four animals are abandoned every hour (based only on abandonment reports made to the RSPCA), and that this figure is on the rise! Even those pets that are cared for and loved immensely at home are at risk of losing family due to financial challenges that their loving owners cannot control.

Abandoned kitten banner. Text reads: Sick, injured and homeless pets have relied on us since 1897

Blue Cross abandoned pets banner


According to the Blue Cross, the five key welfare needs our pets require from us are:

  • Companionship
  • Behaviour
  • Diet
  • Health
  • Environment

This super-helpful Purely Pets Insurance article states some of the special considerations when keeping your pets in the city. These include choosing the right breed for calm, close-quarters living, as well as microchipping, plenty of exercise, and separation anxiety training for when you’re out at work.


With requests for re-homing pushing Dogs Trust to the limit, and frequent reports about abandoned animals from the Blue Cross, we are encouraging pet owners to:

A) Research the right pet to suit city living
B) Consider affordable ways to maintain pet quality of life, to help combat the rise in abandoned animals

How to save on pet care

We’ve compiled this guide with some basic tips on how to save on pet care; helping you to give quality care for your animal friends while saving you those essential extra bucks during the cost-of-living squeeze. Alongside our blog how to reduce the cost of your pet care by savings expert Rachel Lacey in our Cost of Living Guide, we’ve also pulled info on the best wallet-friendly pet care services from the Blue Cross (below).

This year’s National Pet Month campaign will be heavy on achievable pet care tips, according to the NPM website, for those who are caring for their pets throughout the cost of living crisis, so be sure to watch out for that, too.

Dog with cone

Dog vet care banner from Blue Cross

Blue Cross: pet food banks

Dogs, cats and small pets are all included in the list of pets that you can receive essential help with from the Blue Cross pet food banks. As these rely on donations, be sure to contact your local pet food bank before going to check that they have the right type of food, bedding, or litter for your pet before you arrive.
Take a look at this list and find out where to find your nearest pet food bank.

Blue Cross: affordable vet care tips

For just a £10 annual fee per pet, you can access the Blue Cross’s own reduced cost or free veterinary care services. Simply by meeting certain means-tested criteria available on the Blue Cross Animal Hospital registration page, learn whether you can get cheap or even zero-cost care for your beloved pets when they get sick.


We are also helping you care for your animals responsibly here at Savoo. With plenty of pet care brands available on site, our discount codes can save on everything from health and insurance to food and toys!

A 100% bespoke dog food recipe made up of over one million combinations, on a subscription that changes as your dog grows up. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and the reality is just one dog quiz away. Based on your dog’s age and breed, dog food is formulated to support digestion, coat care, joint health and more. With natural ingredients, prebiotics, Omega-3 and more, it’s never been easier to feel great about what you’re feeding your pooch.

Our best discount code is worth a whopping 80% off your first box: this deal can be found exclusively on our site.

James Wellbeloved

The James Wellbeloved WHISTLE is a fantastic and easy solution to keeping track of your pet’s health! Curious and looking to gain a better insight into how your pet is faring in the city?

The pet health tracking app connects to the device on your pooch’s collar and will feed back to you on everything from sleeping habits, eating and activity. You’ll even get information about the things you find even harder to keep track of like licking and scratching, which can be key to gaining insights into the health of your furry friend. Whether it’s keeping an eye out for skin infections to ensuring they are getting all the right things from their food: do it all from the palm of your hand with data presented in easy-to-read graphs.

Our best code is currently worth 20% off your order: a great way to reduce costs, save time, and give your pet the best hands-on healthcare possible.


And even more brands with discount codes on our site include:

1. Pets at Home

Save money on vet visits for your stressed out city kitty with pet calming solutions from Pets at Home. First time using pet diffusers? Check out this Feliway Starter Kit to get going.

2. Wisdom Panel

Better get to know your pets needs with a dog or cat DNA test. With greater understanding of their breed, ancestry, health, traits and more, you’ll have access to a personalised care plan, saving you money by only buying the exact things your pet needs for a healthy and happy life.

3. Zooplus

Is your indoor cat getting all the right nutrition? Banish those worries with Royal Canin’s cat food formulated for indoor moggies.

4. Pooch & Mutt

Take your furry friend on a walk the sustainable way. Responsible pet ownership means cleaning up after your pooch, especially within busy inner-city parks. Regular walks in need of poop bags can incur plenty of waste, so why not opt for the planet-friendly option with recycled dog poop bags?

5. Christies Direct

Instead of forking out hundreds at the groomers, get your dog squeaky clean from the comfort of your home with quality Groom Professional dog shampoo for all coat types.

6. Manypets

A big part of caring for your pets is ensuring you’re always prepared. Request a pet insurance quote, and get up to £15,000 lifetime pet health cover every year without breaking the bank.
And, to limit any health concerns popping up to begin with, it’s worth getting a flea, tick and worm prescription plan for monthly protection – with so many other pets inhabiting busy city areas, you never know who they’ll bump into.

7. Lily’s Kitchen

City lives are busy lives. Take out a regular food subscription delivery service for ultimate ease. Avoid trips to busy supermarkets, and get nutritious pet meals delivered to your door. Better yet, with regular deliveries, you’ll get 5% and free delivery on every order – sounds like a win-win!

8. Garden Wildlife

If you don’t quite have the time to welcome your own pet into your city dwelling, there’s no reason why you can’t enthuse over the beauty of nature and the joy of animals! Invest in a bird feeder for regular visitors, whether on your balcony or garden – you might even have some regulars often stop by. We’re sure they’d appreciate the new addition to your space as much as you.

You can do your bit to help and raise awareness this National Pet Month by getting involved in the conversation with friends, family, and online! You’ll also be helping the Blue Cross assist thousands of pets in need when you shop with any of the brands above using a Savoo discount code. You can also make a direct donation here.

Finally, if you or a loved one are struggling with the expense of keeping your pet in the city, check out this wonderful resource from the Blue Cross on giving up a pet.


Pet Month FAQs

What is National Pet Month?
National Pet Month is an annual event that celebrates and raises awareness for responsible pet ownership.


When is National Pet Month?
National Pet Month takes place throughout April in the UK, between April 1st and May 1st each year.


What is the 2023 Pet Month theme?
For the 2023 campaign, National Pet Month is placing extra importance and support on the financial aspect of caring for our pets. Pets can be expensive, so deciding to open your home to a furry friend should be a well-thought-out decision. From nutritious food choices to insurance plans, vet bills, plus more – responsible pet ownership is all about ensuring your pet has the things they need to be healthy and happy.
With the cost of living crisis affecting many, National Pet Month aims to ensure that pet owners have the support they need to continue caring for the animal companions they love.


What can I do for Pet Month?
If you’re celebrating National Pet Month this April, there are so many ways you can get involved in the awareness campaign and make a difference.

  • Spoil your furry friend. Celebrations start at home during National Pet Month. Show your pet just how much you love and care for them by giving them a few extra treats, allowing them up for sofa snuggles or taking them on their favourite walk.
  • Spend more time researching! National Pet Month is all about responsible pet ownership, so why not use the time to find out more about animal care? Learn more about your pet’s breed, the diet that works for them, how to train your pet efficiently, plus more! We’re sure they’ll be grateful that you’ve taken the time to better understand their needs.
  • Donate to a charity or volunteer at a local shelter. Not all pets are lucky enough to have a warm and loving home, which is why it’s so important to support the amazing charities caring for animals in need. If you can afford to donate, funds are always welcomed and appreciated all year round. But why not consider lending some time too? See if your local animal charity needs any support from volunteers during the busier period of National Pet Month.
  • And, if you can’t afford to donate to an animal charity this National Pet Month, did you know you can raise money for a charity of your choice for free? Raise free donations this National Pet Month when you register with Savoo and use our discount codes and deals to save money online.


Stats for Pet Month?
According to educational platform Twinkl, over 50% of adults in the UK own a pet, while 24% of the population has a dog, there are roughly 10.9 million pet cats in the UK.
With such a large number of people and families owning pets in the UK, it’s vital that animals are getting the care they need to be happy and healthy.


How does your donation model work?
It’s simple! Register for a free account with Savoo to raise free donations for a charity of your choice. Simply sign up, select a charity to receive your donations, and use our discount codes and deals to save money. It’s a win-win.
Browse our charity directory to see which animal charities you can support this National Pet Month. From Blue Cross to the Animal Welfare Foundation, Animals Asia, Ferne Animal Sanctuary and regional RSPCA branches – it’s easy to make a difference for FREE through Savoo.

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