Is it ever acceptable to use a voucher on a date?

Is it ok to use vouchers on a dat

This is a loaded question isn’t it! Whilst some will say it’s absolutely fine to use a voucher on a date, others will reel at the thought and see it as a total date destroyer.

We can’t deny that modern dating is changing the rules, and conventional chivalry is making way for equality when it comes to playing the dating game and deciding who pays for what, and how.

In a recent poll, the majority of British women admitted to always splitting the bill 50/50 on dates, whilst the majority of the remainder said they’d at least offer to pay.

But how do men and women feel about using vouchers to save on dinner dates?

Radio station Kiss 100 today asked viewers whether they believed using a voucher on a date was acceptable and the results were a dead even 50/50 split, proving that the money-spending aspect of dating is certainly less important now than it was just a few years ago.

So does that mean that presenting vouchers (whether printed or online discount codes) on a dinner date will in a few years be the norm? Will one’s ability to find a sexy one-off super deal soon be the key to impressing your date rather than bagging first class seats at the swankiest restaurant in town?

Well possibly not; but it certainly seems that the stigma once attached to using voucher codes to claim discounts in stores, restaurants and online is dissipating, and that people are increasingly feeling more comfortable with saving money wherever and whenever they can.

So if you’re on a first date and a voucher finds its way on to your plate, remember that this is revolutionary dating.

Grab you coat, purse and vouchers people – you’ve pulled.


How do you feel about using vouchers on a date?

Have you ever been on a date and had the other person use a voucher?

We want to hear from you.

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