Chinese New Year: Year of the Sheep

Happy Chinese New Year! You can celebrate the Year of the Sheep with these kitsch accessories for you, your home and your baby- because there’s nothing cuter than putting your toddler in a knitted cardigan with cartoon sheep on.

(Note: It’s also the Year of the Goat, but we struggled to find any cute goat-related items, obvs. Let us know if you have any!)


1) 1…10 Sheep Stickers, £17.99 from AllPosters

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2) Sheep Print Cushion, £25 from M&S

3) Slate Sheep Shape, £3.99 from Amazon

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4) Baby’s Knit Sheep Cardigan, £15 from John Lewis

5) Silk Merino Sheep Print Scarf, £99 from Jaeger

6) Single Sheepskin Rug, £35 from John Lewis

7) Sheep Gift Wrap, £2.75 from



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