GCSE Results Day – Action Tutoring is rooting for you!

GCSE Results Day - Action Tutoring

This year, GCSE results day falls on Thursday 25th August, and thousands of pupils and parents around the country are eagerly awaiting the results to discover whether months and months of studying and revising have paid off.

And just behind these parents and pupils is Action Tutoring – an educational charity supporting pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

About Action Tutoring

Action Tutoring exists to help young people who are at a socio-economic disadvantage obtain the best level of education possible, and they do this by partnering volunteer tutors with pupils to give them an increased level of contact time and boost their confidence in time for exams.

Action Tutoring partners with secondary schools and tutors will visit their allotted school at the same time each week to coach pupils who’re preparing for their GCSEs in English and maths.

Tutors form a close bond with their pupils and often become emotionally invested in their futures – spurring them on to achieve the results they so desire from their exams.

Here’s what two volunteer tutors had to say about their experience:

“The excitement I see in pupils when they finally understand some concepts which had previously proved to be too difficult is incredible and priceless. I seem to be on the same journey as my pupils and every problem solved brings joy, excitement, and sense of progress and achievement. The experience is as rewarding to my pupils as it is to me.” – Anonymous volunteer tutor

“Action Tutoring is a well-managed programme that develops both tutors and pupil’s confidence. It is an amazing experience for me to make progress with pupils and I’m passionate about helping pupils with their maths.” – Lei Lei, maths tutor in Liverpool

Family background should not be a barrier when it comes to pupils gaining access to the best education. And it is important for us all to recognise that charities like Action Tutoring need continued support to be able to give every GCSE student the best chance at a successful future.

How you can help in time for the next GCSE results day

Did you know that you can support Action Tutoring for free when you shop online at savoo.co.uk? When you use Savoo Search instead of Google, Savoo donates money to your chosen cause. And when you use voucher codes to save money on your shopping, Savoo donates up to 50% of its commission to your chosen cause. You can find out more about supporting Action Tutoring for free here.

Action Tutoring also desperately needs more volunteer tutors for next year. Are you cut out for this rewarding job?

Here is some feedback Action Tutoring has received from its pupils:

“I really enjoy my tutoring. My tutor is really nice and my confidence in English has really shot up!” – Ellie Bell pupil in Liverpool

“Since tutoring has started, I have been writing much more in class. Due to having tutor sessions my grade has improved 2 levels. You have been very helpful over the last term and have pushed us lightly to do better which has worked, thank you.” Destini Williamson, pupil in London

“Action Tutoring is a very helpful programme which helps people understand the subject more. I would rate it 10/10.” Nachor Nkinzi, pupil in London

“I have much confidence in myself now. I can achieve from a grade E to C/B. Thank you so much for helping me with maths, I honestly have so much confidence. You were really inspiring, Would love to learn from you again.”  Maadyah Ali, maths pupil from Birmingham

If you’d like to volunteer as a tutor, get in touch with Action Tutoring today.

Action Tutoring would like everyone involved with the upcoming GCSE results to know that they are really proud of the hard work their pupils and their tutors have been putting in over the last year, and they wish them the best of luck on GCSE results day this Thursday!

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