Hearing Loop Awareness Week


Did you know 1 in 6 adults in the UK are currently living with hearing loss?

This week marks the start of Hearing Loop Awareness Week; a UK-wide campaign that runs between 2nd-8th November and which aims to raise awareness and promote understanding of hearing loops in local communities throughout the UK.

Hearing loops enable people with hearing loss to lead a fulfilling life within society, and to communicate more effectively with the people they meet.

During Hearing Loop Awareness Week, Hearing Link and their team of volunteers intend to find out just how many people in their local neighbourhoods could benefit from the support of enhanced hearing loop technology.


Hearing Link volunteer Emmanuelle Ding learnt to accept hearing loss with the help of a Hearing Link workshop, and she finally began to feel that she could really start living again. Having the support of a close-knit network and being welcomed into an understanding community made her feel useful and helpful again.

People who lose their hearing can feel very isolated and to know that help is out there and to be able to open up and start interacting with the world around you is life changing. And this is all possible thanks to the support of charities like Hearing Link.

Talking to a professional is the first step towards healing.


If you’d like to talk to someone about hearing loss – whether you or a friend or family member may be suffering in silence – the team at Hearing Link are here to help:

Email: helpdesk@hearinglink.org
Tel: 0300 111 1113
Mob: 07526 123255

And if you’d like to show your support for this charity, you can donate with Savoo simply by searching and shopping online.

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