How many Calories are in your Drink?

Sainsbury’s announced today that it is going to add a calorie tally to its wine labels, stating the number of calories in a 125ml glass of wine. The supermarket giant hopes it will help customers make responsible health choices on a day to day basis; according to a recent survey a whopping 85% of consumers did not know how many calories were in a glass of wine, and 63% never consider alcohol when calculating their calorie intake.
But how many people would actually stick to just 125ml of wine? Probably very few! This got us thinking at Savoo about the calorie content of our favourite drinks, and how much we actually consume on a daily basis. So to help, we have produced two handy infographics showing you exactly how many calories are in that pint of cider, and what you could be eating in equivalent junk food (Domino’s pizza anyone?)

Standard glass 175ml 12% wine | Large glass 25ml 13% wine | Pint of 5% beer | Pint of 4.5% cider | 50ml glass of 17% cream liquor | Single 40% spirits | Standard 330ml bottle of 5% alcopop | Double measure 50ml of 17.5% fortified wine | 150ml of 9.5% champagne

1. Small glass of wine= Cadbury Heroes Miniature | 2. Pint of lager= Packet McCoys crisps | Large glass of wine = 1 slice Dominos Pepperoni Passion | 4. Pint of cider= Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut | Glass cream liquor= Milky Way bar | Single spirit= 1 orange | Bottle of alcopop= small McDonald’s fries | Glass fortified wine= 1 Bourbon biscuit | Glass of champagne= 1.5 chocolate digestives
We might not be telling you anything you don’t already know, but next time you order that pint of cider or eat that slice of pizza, take a second to think about the calories you are consuming- not only will your body thank you for it but your wallet will too!

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