If you can’t grow a tache do the 10k dash!


On the morning of Saturday 28th November, these two moustache-free lovelies got kitted up and headed over to Greenwich Park to take part in a 10k charity race in aid of Movember.


An astonishing 20,000 people arrived to take part in the race and help fundraise for Men’s Health, and it turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Some runners ran in fancy dress, some ran backwards Chris Eubank style and one gentleman ran with a buggy…nobody knows if he was an official runner or just got caught up in the moment whilst out for a stroll.

Either way our guys did exceptionally well and completed the 2 lap race in 00.50.12 (Tim) and 00.55.42 (Marion) – successfully doing their bit to raise money for Movember.

Here’s the evidence…


If you’d like to take part in the Greenwich London MoRunners event in 2016, you can sign up here.

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