Protein Shakes: Some Advice

If you’ve ever been inside a gym or walked anywhere near one then you will have, undoubtedly, seen Protein Shake Man.  You know the one; he’s always in a rush, clutching his over-sized bottle of milky-looking liquid and slurping it furiously. It’s almost like he’s screaming, “I’VE BEEN TO THE GYM…LOOK AT ME.  I NEED PROTEIN TO MAKE ME EVEN MORE HENCH” (I’m told that’s a word that’s used by those under 30 meaning ‘muscly’).  As you can probably tell, I don’t like Protein Shake Man; I just think the whole thing is so unnecessary and – even if it’s physiologically beneficial – is there really any need to flaunt the ‘need’ for the dreaded powdery protein juice?

However, recently things have taken a turn.  After 10 weeks of my personal trainer (he offered a great deal before you say anything) I have decided to join the gym down the road from Savoo Towers.  I hate the gym, but this one is clean, not too busy and has some great classes; it also has Protein Shake Man in abundance…

The problem is that when I’m done with my work-out, I then walk 2.5 miles to the train station and this causes an issue.  You see, the old personal trainer was adamant that you need protein in your body around 30 minutes after working out and, with my walk and then the train to follow, that is not possible.  You can see where I’m going with this…

So, reluctantly, I had to drink some humble shake and do some research into the cheapest places to get good quality protein shakes.  The answer came to me quicker than the need for the protein in the body post work-out – Myprotein wins hands down.

Myprotein is one of the modern-day website success stories.  Tapping into the obvious demand for its products, it offers a constant stream of great deals that will suit any gym newcomer or seasoned athlete.  It also offers a really good selection of products to suit your taste because – let me tell you – some of these shakes taste pretty ordinary to say the least.

My advice is as follows:

  1. Do your research as to what product is best for what you need; there’s no point in adding bulk when you want to lose weight
  2. Speak to a trainer at your gym who will be able to advice which product is best for you or use the guide on the Myprotein website.
  3. Try different versions to see which one you can stomach – you might even like it!
  4. Have a look at the community page on the Myprotein site to get advice from like-minded people
  5. Don’t walk down the street post work-out and slurp your shake from the shaker like classic Protein Shake Man.

All in all, I think there is a place for the protein shake and I do believe it can help post work out.  However, if you really want to save money then I would advise you drink water and eat some chicken when you get home because an extra £20 odd a month or so all mounts up.

But, if you want to give it a go then here you have it: a good way to start to increase your protein intake that will help you recover from your training and also help to see results quickly – but not in a way that will incur the wrath of others less dedicated than you!

And if you were wondering, I like the high protein, low carb chocolate one…

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