Skincare on a Budget- Our Favourite Cheap Beauty Buys

At Savoo we’re firm believers in making your money go further- and that includes your beauty regime. You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on fancy creams and potions to get a radiant complexion, as perfectly demonstrated by these budget skincare products which you can pick up for next to nothing on the high street!


1) Nivea Creme, £1.49 from Boots

Some people might find this blue tub of moisturising goodness a little too heavy to use on the face, but for those with dry skin it’s an absolute godsend. A multifunctional cream, Nivea Creme is free from preservatives and can be used on all parts of the body- and at just £1.49 it’s an absolute bargain.

2) Argan Oil, £14.99 from Holland and Barrett’s

The most expensive item on this list, there’s a good reason we’ve included Argan Oil as a budget skincare choice. A multi-purpose “superfood”, it can be used on the hair, skin, nails and lips- and you only need to use a few drops at a time (meaning a bottle will last you forever). With no synthetic chemicals that could irritate skin and high levels of vitamin E, you’ll be ditching your regular moisturiser in no time.

3) Ponds Hydro Nourishing Cream, £4.99 from Boots

A cult brand which has been around for decades (and is probably favoured by your grandma!), this light moisturiser from Ponds is specially formulated with evening primrose oil to nourish your skin. It’s soaks in fast and leaves skin looking bright and soft- sometimes you just can’t argue with a classic.

4) Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser, £10 from Boots

If you’ve ever fancied using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but not had the budget to splash out, try Soap & Glory’s version instead. This hot cleanser has many of the same major ingredients as the Liz Earle choice, but can be picked up at Boots for just £10 (and it comes with a face cloth!). Use to purify your pores for that just-had-a-facial glow.

5) Johnson’s Baby Oil, £1.75 from Boots

Not just for babies, you can use Johnson’s Baby Oil for almost every part of your skincare regime: apply to a cotton wool pad to remove your makeup; apply to the ends of your hair as a replenishing oil; use as a shaving cream for your legs; rub into your cuticles to soften them; apply after a shower for locked in moisture; stir with sea salt for a homemade body scrub. The list is literally endless!

6) Aspirin Mask, £1.49 from Boots

The crowd over at are going absolutely nuts over aspirin face masks. Apparently crushed up aspirin with a few drops of water is brilliant at treating pimples, clearing up acne and itchy patches- as well as leaving your face super soft. We are a little bit sceptical, but check out the reviews and make up your own mind!

7) Aqueous Cream, £4.09 from Boots

Non-greasy and free of perfume and colour, aqueous cream is ideal as a soap-free cleanser and moisturiser for all parts of the body. Great as a soap replacement if you have sensitive skin, you can also use it to remove your foundation and eye makeup too. Plus, aqueous cream costs next to nothing and a tub will last you for ages.

8) Palmers Cocoa Butter, £2.77

Often sighted as better than high end brands, Palmers Cocoa Butter is an advanced moisturiser than softens, smooth’s and relieves dry skin (plus it smells literally incredible and you will want to eat it).

What are your tips for budget skincare? We would love to hear them!

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