Top Places to BBQ in London Parks


Unless you are absolutely loaded or extremely jammy, most Londoners don’t have access to a handy garden in which they can light up a BBQ when the sun starts shining. And since cooking on BBQs is banned in most central London parks, it leaves millions of people with a serious dilemma: where can I go to grill my beefburger and halloumi on sunny weekends?

We’ve researched the top green spaces where it is legal to BBQ in London (and even made you some useful maps!).

Islington – the land of legal BBQ’s

Good old Islington. Not only is this borough home to the Savoo office (we’re a Farringdon kinda family) but it is also the only council in London to have lifted its total ban on BBQs; meaning you can sizzle your sausages in any one of the boroughs 130 green spaces – see map of all Islington parks.

Here are our three favourite Islington areas to chill in on summer days:

Highbury fields: Named as the largest park in London, Highbury Fields offers tennis courts, a pool and a children’s play area; plus you are free to light up your BBQ wherever you see fit. Perfect if you’re worried about finding space on a rare balmy British day.

Caledonian park: Caledonian Park may be smaller than the great Highbury Fields, but what it lacks in size it makes up for it with its impressive seven storey Clock Tower, orchard and Darwin Trail. A great place for adulting and grilled halloumi of course.

Gillespie park: Gillespie Park is wonderful but its also part nature reserve, so make sure you only BBQ in the stated appropriate areas.


Have it in Hackney

London Fields: Hipsters across the capital descend upon London Fields every summer, primarily to compare beards and pose with fixies for Instagram photos. Check out the council website for a handy map for finding dedicated BBQ areas in London Fields so you can join in the fun.


Get in on the Southwark sunshine

Burgess Park: Burgess Park is the only green space in Southwark with dedicated BBQ areas. And if you get bored of grilling burgers, you can always head to the Park Life Café for a snack or go fishing in the lake. Lush.


Follow these tips to keep your BBQ park friendly and the park wardens sweet:

  • Always place your BBQ on a stand so that it doesn’t burn away the grass, or use designated BBQ areas.
  • Barbecue in an open space in the centre of green spaces rather than near houses.
  • Put out your barbecue with water once you’ve finished.
  • Dispose of all your litter in the bin and recycle where you can.
  • Don’t put boiling hot barbecues in the bin.

Remember, if you’re unsure as to whether or not you can barbecue at a park, phone the local council and check! Wandsworth Park and Fred Wells Gardens previously allowed BBQ’s but now don’t, so if you’re not sure check out the score to avoid hefty fines!

Happy BBQ-ing London! 

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