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Savoo puts new spin on traditional volunteering at the Hope for Children charity.

Usually, when volunteering for one of our charity partners we go along and spend a day in the life of a volunteer or help out a fundraising pro. But this time around, the Hope for Children charity wanted us to use our expertise to help them improve their online exposure and engagement, and ultimately increase donations.

We were more than happy to oblige.

And so John and Adlan went to visit the team at Hope for Children on Monday 18th January to learn about their upcoming fundraising initiatives and target areas of improvement, and to impart their own wisdom with regards to ‘all things digital marketing’.

Say hello, John and Adlan…

Charity volunteers Hope for Children

First impressions – Savoo lads learn about the Hope for Children charity

Upon arriving at the Hemel Hempstead headquarters for Hope for Children (that was a mouthful), the guys were treated to a presentation offering insight into the charity’s culture and ethos.

They learned that the charity exists to give underprivileged children the best possible start in life and to improve their chances in adulthood. The charity is active in parts of Asia, Africa and the UK, where they set up their own ‘good cause initiatives’ and also invest funding in existing local and national projects. These projects and initiatives usually centre on health, education and family empowerment.

Charity donations come from individuals, organisations and also student communities who primarily engage in sponsored mountain climbs (like Kilimanjaro) and desert treks. Companies offering free donations for online searches and voucher codes like, were few and far between.

Adding value – Helping the Hope for Children team optimise and innovate

John and Adlan spent the best part of the day helping the team review and improve their website to boost online engagement and donations. The charity wanted their personality to shine through on their site, and so our guys helped them refresh their team bio page; recommending they adopt a Q&A structure and ask their staff fun and interesting questions like:  what would your ideal fundraising event be; who is your favourite superhero and why; and what’s your wish for the future of Hope for Children?

Hope for children charity - Adlan working

The lads then put the Q&A to the test by interviewing all staff members which was a great laugh and really highlighted to everyone that injecting passion and personality into their website content is key.

In the afternoon, John and Adlan helped the team come up with ideas for future fundraising events and conducted research to find out more about other major charity Fundraising events in 2016. The charity is currently organising a national play-date, designed to encourage parents to immerse their children in the culture of countries within which the charity operates. On this day, the children will play traditional games played by kids in Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, and they will enjoy multicultural cuisine. Broadening young minds with this type of experience really enhances their education.

Stay tuned for upcoming Hope for Children news and events.

In Summary…

We’re really happy that we could use our strengths to help the Hope for Children charity – even for just that one day – and the guys most definitely came away from their experience feeling honoured to have spent time getting to know the team and learning more about the wonderful work they do.

Charities often run with fewer overheads than other organisations as naturally, they’d like the donations generated to go towards the end cause; not on sustaining operations. So if we can help add value in the form of innovation and entrepreneurialism, we will. Because charities deserve access to expertise that can help them gain greater exposure and generate more donations.

We also want to support charities by making donations simple, easy and free. Find out more about how you can donate for free simply by shopping and searching online at

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