15 ways to make extra money in your spare time

If you are sick of waiting for payday every month and want to give your income a bit of a boost, check out these easy ways to make money in your free time. Add your own in the comments section below!

1) Start your own blog

Blogging isn’t an instant money-maker like it tended to be the early 00s, but you can still monetise your web real-estate by signing up to an affiliate marketing agency or writing sponsored posts.

2) Write and publish a Kindle eBook

Fancy yourself a budding writer? Publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle and you might find yourself profiting quickly (Amazon offers 70% royalties!)

3) Review music

If you love music, head to Slicethepie and get paid to write reviews on unsigned bands and artists in your free time.

4) Competitions

Becoming a successful “comper” takes time, but if you put in the effort you could be lucky enough to win holidays and even cash prizes by entering free competitions on social media.

5) Join Fiverr

Join Fiverr as a freelancer and start offering tasks and services to business worldwide, like writing, translation, graphic design, video editing and programming.

6) Mystery Shopping

Smartest Shopper 2013 Ricky Willis has a great blog post about how to make the most out of mystery shopping.

7) Claim tax credits

Take a look at Smartest Shopper 2014 Jennie Hammond’s guide to tax credits to see if you can claim this benefit.

8) Get paid to write reviews

Join dooyoo and earn dooyooMiles every time you post a Premium Review on the website- these rewards can be converted into cash or Amazon vouchers.

9) Use cashback credit cards

Cashback credit cards pay you every time you spend on them, possibly £100s a year- but you should always repay the card in full every month so you don’t spend that money back in interest.

10) Get paid to watch videos with Maximiles

Maximiles is a loyalty program allowing you to earn points by shopping online, completing surveys, watching videos, responding to emails and more.

11) Buy and sell domain names

Domain names can be a solid investment, but they can also be risky. Purchase domain names that might be profitable in the future, sit tight and wait for prime time to sell.

12) Rent our your car parking space

Do you live in London and have a car parking space you don’t use? Rent it out for easy cash- some spaces earn £200/month or more.

13) Get a lodger

If you are really strapped for cash and have a spare room that’s just gathering dust, consider letting it out to a lodger-  according to Santander, you could make as much as £289 a month, and you don’t need to pay tax on the first £4,250 you receive.

14) Take part in clinical trials

Not suitable for everyone, clinical trials pay UK volunteers cash to take part in medical studies- these can range from donating blood to testing new medication.

15) Earn money using your smartphone

Apps like Field Agent and Roamler give you the chance to complete tasks when you are out and about and get paid for them, like take photos of products, assess staff and fill out checklists.

Do you have any tips on making money in your spare time?

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  1. Pritam Nagrale

    9 years ago

    Great and innovative ideas for making extra money .
    I am working on buying and selling domain , I have just started it so i haven’t got any success in that but lets see in future.

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