Easter Competition Time!

Easter Competition Excited-Kid

It’s almost that time of year again already and we’re celebrating by putting on a wheely good Easter competition!

But this is an Easter competition with a difference (in case you hadn’t guessed).

We’re bucking the trend and choosing not to give away tons of yummy chocolate eggs that’ll disappear in seconds and leave you feeling guilt ridden or with a house full of sugared-up kids.

We’re going to make Easter fun, family oriented and (best of all) free. Chocolate free.

Don’t be afraid. 

Just imagine how smug you’ll feel after the bank holiday weekend having eaten one less Easter egg and knowing that your kiddies health is all the better for an outdoorsy weekend rather than a chocolate-coma’d one?!

This is our best Easter Competition yet

It’s time to channel all that sugar-coated anticipation into winning a Carrera Cosmos Kids Bike – courtesy of Halfords – worth £219.99!

Look at her gleam.

Carrera Cosmos Kids Bike

This bike is your ticket to keeping the kids busy, entertained and active this bank holiday weekend for a total cost of £0!!!

A free and healthy weekend has got to be up there with the best. You win all the parenting points.

First step, a brood of pro cyclists. Second step…

parenting well

If you’re on a fitness kick and want to get the kids in on it too, here’s what you need to do.

Easter Competition Question

Savoo has recently become a Passive Giving website, as well as a voucher code site.

What do you think the term ‘Passive Giving’ means?

  1. Giving away unwanted items that will be passed on to charities and the people who need them most.
  2. Donating to charity through everyday activities, such as shopping or searching online. It doesn’t cost the user any extra as donations are paid by the platform you’re shopping or searching on.
  3. Leaving cash or collateral to charities in your will, which will be passed on after death.

Please choose one of the following options above and post your answer on Facebook or Twitter, then share the post to enter!

Competition closes at midday on 23rd March.

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